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A Visionary is one who has Hindsight… Insight & Foresight.

If we look back in our pasts we can find many things that worked & many things that did not. 71 more words


eyesight(walking on some path)
hindsight(walking by):nice ass…
foresight(also walking by):nice boobs…
eyesight:oh shut up you two!!eve-teasing words is a crime.i hope you realise that. 158 more words

Devotional day 5---UNATTENTION

Text: Isa. 49:1-11

There is the good and there’s the bad but I choose to show you the joy set up for you, although I don’t expect that you mis-use the blessings; rather be grateful for them so the next “thus says” you hear won’t make wishes out of you! 199 more words


Futures Dialogue

The impact of strategic foresight is shaped by both the interior development of the participants and their capacities to add depth to their levels of conversation. 463 more words


Foresight 11/28/2014

Foresight is a RTS based in space. Releasing November 28, 2014 for PC

RICO Posters Session & Winners

During the first two days of the RICO Workshop, all participants had the opportunity to read and discuss the 25 posters prepared by UK and Colombian delegates. 352 more words

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