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In Defence of Pube Shaving

I saw this post on Buzzfeed about the ‘horror’ that is pube shaving.

I admit that I used to not shave my pubes, but then my Cyprian sceptre started getting itchy and irritated. 52 more words

The Forsaken Foreskin

This post is about penis’. (Wait, is that incorrect grammar? I’m terrible at remembering if it should be penis’s or penis’… Shit.)

I’ll try it again: This post is about the penis. 229 more words

Circumcision and yet another online fallacy

Here’s my nearly-daily fix of annoyance.

Yesterday one of the newspapers I usually check out shared on Facebook an article written by a circumcised man where he gives parents a number of reasons why they should leave their sons’ penises alone. 653 more words