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November 4th

…mushroom art; gyromitra (unconfirmed)…

Old Fence

While working to widen the trail we created through the south woods, I recently discovered the remains of an old barbed wire fence. There is no obvious logic to the location of this fence. 367 more words

Wintervale Ranch

Sea of Oak

and here they lay, a carpet, a sea of oak…


The Labrador Forest

A boggy forest is a most fascinating place in any season.  Fall may not be the most obviously pretty time to visit, when spring is full of glorious blossoms and summer is thick with lush mosses and strong light, but the delicate beauty of the fall is wondrous to behold. 320 more words


Forest Floor.........

Walking, shuffling, stumbling, slipping, sliding along the wet forest floor and over round topped rocks in the rain. Trying not to trip over criss crossing roots hidden beneath maple and alder leaves that steadily tumble and spin down from above. 35 more words


Elusive Wildflowers - Part 13.2 - Pinesap

I found some!!

I found some!!


I barely know where to start this post other than to say that anyone witnessing me photographing these would have thought me crazy. 542 more words