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Forests And The Nature That Resides In Them

The forest  is a place of stillness and life. It supports so many animals, such as birds, bears, deer, coyotes, and many more. The forest is a home to so many things and it cannot afford to be wiped out.’ Save our forests and understand the importance it is to keep the animals  safe and  keep them in  their home.   265 more words


Tree Hugging Chronicles -Epping Forest

Hi everyone (LOL at the headline)

Just wanted to share our sunday adventures with you all. We enjoyed a lovely healing walk through Epping forest yesterday ( sunday) and yes we did hug a few trees…..don’t mock it till you try it =P… 22 more words


Living Alone

Illustration for a story about that moment when you just want to go away. And be alone.


Make a Note

It has been too long since I have contributed to FWF, so I hope to get back on track… Thank you Kellie for keeping the prompts coming. 136 more words


Blue Stag

When I was living in Ireland, I once had a most surreal experience. Where I lived was out in the sticks, the house I was renting was surrounded by the forest. 438 more words

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