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Awww, look at that bear. So sweet. Just relaxing. Oh, look, he’s eating. Cool. Um, what’s he eating? It looks kinda bloody. Yeah, I don’t know, but he’s stopped eating and is now looking at us. 16 more words

How Palm Oil is Killing Orang-Utans

Palm oil production is the leading cause of deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia Рthreatening the survival of critically endangered orang-utans, as well as tigers, elephants and rhinos. 474 more words


Forests Retain More Carbon in Nutrient-Rich Soil

Forests growing in nutrient-rich soils are able to absorb five times as much carbon from the atmosphere as those in nutrient-poor soils. read more Source: World Nature Top News

Majestic Pillars

Trees. Embedded. Full and deep.
Trees are the emblem of life on earth. Long lasting pillars that sustain the strive of life.
They form constructs, complex cathedrals where growth is the sermon. 84 more words


New Zealand Opens up Park for Oil and Gas exploration

The New Zealand government is opening up over 4,600 square kilometres of conservation land for oil and gas exploration.  The land includes almost all of Victoria Forest Park, the largest forest park of its type in the country.  29 more words

Fossil Fuels