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Aspen: The "wow" tree of the mountains

Aspen (Populus tremuloides) is one of the most beautiful trees of the fall season in the West. Its bright yellow leaves and creamy white bark against a backdrop of blue sky makes walkers pause in their tracks. 198 more words


Keeping Carbon Stored:

Forests: the cheapest way to store carbon


A tribe, its existence threatened by invading fossil fuel companies, literally searches for its ancient identity, a giant face in the forest… 477 more words

Bird Count in Rouge National Park, Toronto, Canada

On January 11/15 there will be a major bird survey in this newest Canadian National Park. This is an urban park largely, with significant green space and an important haven for urban wildlife…



Into a forests dream he enters, to wake and find a world of language and opportunity, a symphony of birch and spore, of feather and fern trapped grass, an echo of spring as summer approaches from the east, the unstoked fire lofts its final prayer up to the sky, as, Shit! 44 more words

Norwegian parliament puts indigenous peoples rights at the centre of forest conservation

In a move that further strengthens indigenous peoples forest stewardship, the Norwegian parliament recently approved spending NOK 3 billion (US $ 400 million) on rainforest protection in 2015. 252 more words

Kanyinke Sena

Humble fungi may aid whitebark pine recovery

Scientists report success in treating seedlings with mushroom spores

Staff Report

FRISCO — High-elevation whitebark pines are under the gun in the northern Rockies. White pine blister rust, an invasive fungus, and pine beetles have combined to drive the species toward extinction. 797 more words


How Many Benefits Does Commercial Forestry Provide?

by Emil Morhardt

Forestry economists worry about whether foresters can claim more societal benefits, including offsetting the effects of climate change, from forestry than merely the increased supply of trees; in econ-speak, “…what change in human well-being results from increasing, reducing or qualitatively varying…” the supply of ecosystem services commercial forests provide? 499 more words

Emil Morhardt