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The Tao d’ Cha, Ching, Chow: My Inseperable

What would a 10 lb. dog say if she were telling her story? This chapter is how she and Jennet bonded.

After a wild and exciting walk on a dry and dusty dirt road with Reymundo and the long lovely lady and the other really nice lady, we all walked down the long curving driveway to what was to be my new home and workshop. 542 more words

Pet Portraits

Kesan Di Matamu - Chrisye

Kadang aku
Masih saja mencari
Bayangan dirimu
Terasa rindu
Yang tak pernahkan hilang
Walau ditelan waktu

Kadang saat kemaraupun
Hujan uu oo uu oo
Kadang malam tak… 104 more words


Can the pain of a broken heart, hurt so bad you actually feel it in your chest?

  • “The worst feeling is pretending you don’t care about something, when it’s all you seem to think about”  -Wiz Khalifa

I’m not sure what is happening, I know that I was doing well for 11 days with no palpitations and was feeling so confident. 751 more words

Mi Gran Amor

Thy Mornfull Soul Though Must Take

This was written by my sister and I thought I would share it. 

Truly mourn thy love with thy pistol break.
A crack at dawn thy mournful soul shall take. 63 more words

Forever Love

Punch Drunk Love

And then
We were like
Fucked up
I couldn’t stop
Wouldn’t stop
She felt the same way too
It was all so good… 252 more words


Souls scars live in emotional bends.

So I scream in the soul that does sleep.
Tired of pushing for the fight out of the chasm deep.

But my mind is silent and the sky is open. 85 more words



a light I held within my hands
no more than a firefly lit
but it burned so brightly
and lit two souls afire
that light grew o’er time… 87 more words