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Just wanna go home (let me go home...)

Dave: I wont ask why do you wanna leave. I’m asking you what’s your reason for staying here. Is it love? The family you always wanted and now he’s giving it to you on a silver plate… 899 more words


I hope that someone’s gonna find me

Dave: If you feel like crying, just do it. An illusion hurts when it’s gone…it’s like missing a part of you.

Me: Sundays are always hard. 1,125 more words



I listen and only hear the rain,

like a song under water,

the wind blowing

like a haunting flute,

the leaves shaking their colors

against a rainbow sky, … 211 more words


The Journey of the Secret Lovers

I was straight until I met her.

Actually during my younger days not so long ago, I’m still on my twenties, I was really into cute guys. 373 more words

Serious Relationship

" Two Hearts Reaching " ...

Two hearts reaching out for something;

reaching out every moment they can

for the happiness we all seek, and need so much.

They both long to find that bliss; 379 more words


" A Part Of Me " ... A Love Note

Just as my feet are attached to my legs,

and my toes to my feet;

You are a part of Me of which I will never be free. 244 more words