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Short-Term Memory Novel Writing... Really???

I had been typing for six hours and my hands were just flying off the keyboard. The story was easy, the chair comfortable and the music calming throughout the room… but ahead of me was danger. 846 more words

Short Stories

The Ugly Truth About Love

True love never dies it only gets stronger with time

As beautiful as this is…NO!! This is not true! This is so misleading! It’s a wonderful thought and I know… I love love too but it just does not work like that.

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Our Love Connection

My love,

Our love connection is so pure and strong, I feel your heart as your finger touches my finger; all the Divine blessings, loving kindness, wisdom and sacred true love heart and soul. 20 more words


Love of My Life

This poem is an extension of a micro-poem I wrote called “Muse.” It is dedicated to the widows of Vietnam, but not meant to protest or romanticize war. 225 more words

A Poet's Journey

They Tell Me

There’s no switch they tell me,
but I flick it off, don’t hear the words,
You must have felt me quiver
as the wind passed across…
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The Tao d’ Cha, Ching, Chow: Xena’s Story - Play & Toys!

What would a 10 lb dog say about learning to play? Xena had to be taught by

her adopted brother Reymundo, and by her human companions. 589 more words

Pet Portraits


Giả như hôm nay chúng ta quen nhau, với tư cách gì không biết, nhưng quen và thân, rồi hôm nay là một ngày cuối tuần rảnh rỗi hiếm hoi của anh và nhàm chán của em. 4,697 more words

Forever Love