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Someone Special

I want to take the bits of you I love and press them like flowers between the pages of my favorite book. And I want to take all the scraps that you dislike in yourself and display them on my refrigerator to show you I’m still proud of the person you are becoming. 109 more words


A little thing we like to call "Age Gaps"

So this little topic I bring to light recently by on a night out a girl who my boyfriend knows somewhat said to him right in front of me what i was “to young for him” 633 more words

Fleeting, Temporary Winnings

Dear John,
Someone I know passed away. It was a freak and tragic accident – he slipped and hit his head on a concrete bench. We were not close, he was just an acquaintances but still I knew him. 326 more words

"You hear me"

“Never will I leave you;
    never will I forsake you.”     Hebrews  13:5

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You don’t decide to love someone or love someone back. Deciding to do so implies uncertainty, or even a lack of desire to love that person. 51 more words