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Today We Continue Again Because Tomorrow We We’re Never Truly Finished


Is That Love?

When in that first cry

your eyes look at me

soft your gentle gasps

you are welcomed with open arms

When as I walk past you… 92 more words



Parking lot:

What used to be here before
will haunt forever.

© jadedmess 2014


The Power Behind a Title

Curley’s Wife. The spouse of the boss’ son, Curley. From now on, that’s all I will ever be known as. An’, I don’t like it. I’m not some piece of property to be won. 221 more words

Haiku for 19/4


I say many things
But there is only one truth
I really like you


Love is in the gestures

So I’m a sucker for lover. That’s nothing new. I’ve been genetically wired to cry when movies like Titanic and The Notebook are played on screen. 295 more words

Midnight Think Train

To my friend

Hi I don’t know how to tell you this but I think I like you. I’m not sure when exactly, which frustrates me, but I guess it was a combination of events. 519 more words