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My day off

Hey folks!
Happy Wednesday! I had a day off today, largely spent studying and moving furniture. An exciting day, indeed! The weather may have been awful, but even so, it has been an excellent inside-day! 707 more words

Board Games

Mortifactors Contemptor Dreadnought

Got firepower? You better believe it, buddy. Say hello to my Mortifactors Contemptor Dreadnought, Galador the Cursed (formerly Mr Stompy). Not only does he sport a pair of Kheres Pattern assault cannons, but he’s also rocking a frag and krak filled cyclone missile launcher – this is a Mortis Pattern Dread. 479 more words

My Painting And Modelling

Alexis Polux

Hey guys

Just a quick update this week. After a little while siting on the side of my painting desk, I managed to finish off Fleet Commander Alexis Polux. 139 more words

Imperial Fists