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Mortifactors Contemptor Dreadnought

Got firepower? You better believe it, buddy. Say hello to my Mortifactors Contemptor Dreadnought, Galador the Cursed (formerly Mr Stompy). Not only does he sport a pair of Kheres Pattern assault cannons, but he’s also rocking a frag and krak filled cyclone missile launcher – this is a Mortis Pattern Dread. 479 more words

My Painting And Modelling

Alexis Polux

Hey guys

Just a quick update this week. After a little while siting on the side of my painting desk, I managed to finish off Fleet Commander Alexis Polux. 139 more words

Imperial Fists

What should i paint next - you decide!

As I’m not particularly good at making some decisions for myself (kid in a candy store syndrome), I’ve decided to ask for the assistance of you, the reader – what should I paint next? 441 more words

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