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The Good, The Bad, & The Hungry - Adepticon 2014

It’s April again, and April in the wargaming world means one thing: Adepticon.  For many people, it’s become a yearly pilgrimage to their wargaming mecca.  From the Adepticon 40k Championships and Team Tournament to the entire Privateer Press Iron Arena room, Adepticon offers plenty of opportunities to roll dice and enjoy some adult beverages.   1,061 more words


Brawler Bash VII

So I haven’t been able to post as much lately as I’d like, and I thought I should share the reason. I’m a sponsor for this year’s… 113 more words

Games Workshop

Forge World Open Day

Good morning!

So it’s been almost a week since the annual Forge World open day and we thought it was about time we put up a few pictures and dished out some information. 625 more words

Games Workshop

Forge World Open Day 2014

Once again, a wicked Horus Heresy-filled event is going on and I’m stuck on the wrong continent. Luckily, there is plenty of coverage of Forge World Open Day showing up around the web. 518 more words

First few Word Bearers built!

So I’ve built my first twenty Tacticals, two Praetors and converted up a Chaplain and Librarian for my Horus Heresy Word Bearers.

Here are the tactical marines: 370 more words


The Executioners Blade and the Arena

Good morning all!

Up nice and early on a Saturday for once (no idea why), and I know some of you are off at Throne of Skulls, so good luck to you all as it seems you might need it with all the titans and super daemons there! 839 more words

Now THESE Are Techpriests

Forge World keeps spoiling up with yet more goodies from the Machine God. While I don’t have a 30K army (yet), I think these would make fantastic Techpriests Engineseers for my… 15 more words

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