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Lightweight Forging Practice

Practice, Practice, Practice!

It’s old but solid advice that the more you practice, no matter what the method or medium it will serve to improve your skill. 160 more words


Taking a Hammer To: Star Trek (2009)

Hello, Musers and Shapers! And welcome to the first in a hopeful series where I hammer out the kinks in popular (and maybe not-so-popular) media. Our first subject has been the subject of quite a few of my empassioned monologues to friends in front of the television. 878 more words

April Forging Practice

Forging at Daisy Hill Forge

While visiting the upper Peninsula of Michigan the opportunity to do a little practice forging became available. Different styles of leaves were some of the things tried. 45 more words


Forge Motorsport UK 'Berg Cup' Inspired Mk1

After a few days of preparation for a fully involved shoot of this mk1, it ended up not working out. I was able to grab a few shots at a local show where the mk1 happened to be. 38 more words


Faint of Heart 4 Miler with Forge Racing

An adventure in the woods doesn’t even begin to describe this trail run at Clark Creek in Woodville,MS this past Saturday morning. I promised my daughter and stepkids a fun,challenging,scenic experience for them to get up early so we could make the 90min drive out and the fellas with Forge did not disappoint. 317 more words

Wayflame and Making sense of Mediums

Mediums are a silly thing. Not the psychic kind, although those are pretty silly. Perhaps I should rephrase myself.

Mediums (the artistic kind) can be a rather  753 more words

Sexual Violence and Trans* Victims

Last Wednesday in my class that I am writing this blog for, someone brought up a very good point that I wanted to address. I have discussed mainly women being the victims of sexual violence, and occasionally men as well, but what about everyone else? 303 more words