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I'm her child too.

I guess separation shows its impact in different ways. A year of not seeing my family has brought forth so many obstacles. I will admit, that my father and I have always had a very tight relationship, and if anything, this time apart has brought us closer. 858 more words

Untitled 2

Books and films and sad love songs told me how I should act in this situation-
to be triggered by little things
a smell – musky floral from a lit candle… 91 more words


Holiday Amnesia

Friend: Have you ever done that thing where you’re super excited for a day leading up to it, like a friend’s birthday, or something, and then the day it happens, you completely forget? 15 more words

Dialogue Scraps


Den 2014; Marker on Paper.
h8 x w7.25 in. 

I am hiding in a corner.
Away from the sand, the wind, the children.
My thumbs are shriveled, 49 more words


The Monument

Fifty years ago, I saw a stately monument.
Worn engravings and water’s toll
were signs of its ancient origin.
Today those days have been forgotten. 112 more words



I’ll try to forget you
Forgive me, I can only try
Some of your clothes are still in my possession
Your scent has latched onto the strands of my hair… 151 more words