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when i was a child,
i never understood

constantly questioning,
blinded, stars in my eyes

i didn’t know any better,
nor did I have to… 128 more words


The Difference Between Forgiving and Forgetting

When someone does you wrong and you’re asking friends or family for advice, it’s typical for at least one person to say, “Forgive and forget.” From my personal experience, neither of these two things are easy, and sometimes I wonder if they’re even possible.


Things to look forward to this week

I had a shock when I realized how far I’ve lagged behind in my 365 challenge thingy. 😑 so guys, I’ll be trying to catch up slowly mkay. 437 more words

Deuteronomy – “Remember, do not forget”

With the book of Deuteronomy containing Moses’ final words to the Israelites, he spent much of his time reminding them of things they already knew.  He told them around 25 times to either “remember” and/or “do not forget” various things.  133 more words


Just a Little Bit

Screw it. Scratch whatever I said before. I deserve a little slice of heaven.

Come on in, thanks for coming to my pity party, party hats are optional. 85 more words


Jesus I'll Never Forget

Do you remember that time you helped someone out? Of course, you do, because it took effort and energy to help the person. Do you ever feel like the people you’ve helped forget that you’ve helped them? 325 more words

winter fever

I’m getting that feeling I get during summer, when I wish it was winter, I long for Christmas and open fires and snuggling down in the duvet. 69 more words