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One of those weeks...

Do you ever get them? The odd week that has the tendency to push the good old blood pressure up. Well I’ve had one this week… 629 more words

Remember that time? I forgot. Remember that other time?

These days, I feel like a walking Maxine cartoon: I’m forgetful, my body hurts, and I need more coffee.

The fall semester is always a whirlwind, and on top of that I’ve thrown in a demanding half-marathon training schedule. 584 more words


Instigators of Ingratitude

As Christians, ingratitude is one of our Enemy’s most lethal weapons. It seems as though an attitude of ingratitude is on the rise in our homes, in our churches, in our country, and in our world. 1,040 more words



It started the other day. I reached for my sandwich and encountered a frozen sirloin steak. On my desk. Where my sandwich ought to be. I picked up the frozen beef, took it to the kitchen, and showed it to Garry. 690 more words


The River of Lethe

I found it necessary, to discover a place to let go of my pain. Perhaps, a place that could wash away my sorrow. Into the river of Lethe, my tears do fall.



Jane ‘I just forgot who was my groom as got married in a community center with huge number of couples getting married’

Arif  ‘I do remember my wife’s face.. 320 more words

The Foibles of Senior Citizenship

The Foibles of Senior Citizenship, Nov.21, 2014

My mind has once again been on a journey that made me laugh out loud!

I was getting ready to go to the dentist. 153 more words