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The Foibles of Senior Citizenship

The Foibles of Senior Citizenship, Nov.21, 2014

My mind has once again been on a journey that made me laugh out loud!

I was getting ready to go to the dentist. 153 more words


Totally forgot to mention

I forgot to mention in the note on the chapter I posted a bit earlier that I will put up a review today. I’ve decided to put reviews up on Fridays for the foreseeable future so yeah. 7 more words


It's Totally Okay to Forget Things

Today, I started my morning looking at squirrels.

Ah, yes. It is that time of year when the squirrels make themselves look busy and bury everything they can’t stuff into their little troublesome cheeks into the ground. 742 more words

I Bet He Wished He Could Forget That He Was Hungry, Too

Sir Isaac Newton was sometimes very absentminded. One day a visitor stopped by to see him. A servant told the visitor that he would have to sit down and wait, since Sir Isaac was in his study and could not be disturbed. 122 more words


Funny... I Don't Remember Being Absentminded

Jean de La Fontaine was a 17th century French author who wrote simple animal stories that contained elements of satire and social criticism. He was famous for his absentmindedness. 84 more words


Paying the Penalty

I have had one knee replaced–the right one. The other knee is threatening and probably will require surgery within the next few months. The first surgery on my knee was done seven years ago and took forever to heal, largely because the therapy after the surgery was disrupted too often. 225 more words

Forget, Forgot, Forgotten

Stress always has had a particularly challenging effect on me. I become forgetful. More forgetful than I am normally, and that is fairly dodgy on a good day. 1,274 more words

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