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in thinking wind
the wilder hairs recall
a hand with keys

A Thursday Do Over

   Working in a school means I get to spend long summer days not caring what day of the week it is, as really every day is a weekend, so to speak. 441 more words


I tend to be a little on the forgetful side. I tell my friends and colleagues that if they don’t see me write something down, it has a low chance of getting completed. 338 more words


Forget Not All His Benefits

When we read, “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits” (Psalm 103:2), many of us are quick to say that we are in no danger of forgetting our Lord’s blessings. 433 more words


I Called Her Winsome

Winsome, she was,
Unbowed by the world,
A daydreaming lover,
Most beautiful girl.
We met on an island
Where sun always shone,
But in three skimming heartbeats… 48 more words


Growing Old …Still Growing

No one likes to talk about it. No one likes to acknowledge it. We all age. It’s the alternative to dying. If no one ever got old and died, we’d have no room for the new people. 669 more words



Coyote put the book down, noticed the spine was about to split in half, so instead he placed a loose cigarette between the pages and closed it. 74 more words

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