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Bones of Memory

In the beginning—time still untarnished

by tongues of friends telling tales

of unrequited passion and by knowledge

yet to be understood—pockets and purses

held the roots of recollection… 105 more words


forgetful elmer

“It’s such a bright sunny day, we could be having the time of our lives, but we’re stuck in some Wilkes Barre shopping center parking lot because you drove without your glasses!”, shrieked Sadie. 65 more words

Friday Fictioneers

Relapse. Part II

I thought today was going to be better, but it wasn’t.

In addition to anxiety, I also have a major case of forgetfulness. And it is a lethal combination when the two coincide. 309 more words

Anxiety Sucks

Quote of the Night #87

Forgetfulness is a form of freedom

Words of Khalil Gibran


On Forgetfullness: is It Me Or is it Age?


Did I shut off the oven?

Where’s my damned keys?

What was I going to say?

Why did I walk into this room?

Oh, you didn’t order the large coke , burger and fries? 406 more words

Don't Forget

Have something great in your head?
Write it down, lest you forget 61 more words


Case Of The Missing Panties

I’m very disturbed due to the whereabouts of a beige, lacy thong last seen in my bathroom sink. I came home from work, pooped, but like a good Catholic girl… 285 more words