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Brain. Tired.

This morning, I left my apartment. I walked down the stairs, into the courtyard and realized my load felt a little light.  I had my tote bag with my lunch and my morning… 410 more words

My Life

Get in the Brain Game by Michele Muth

If you are like me and you are having trouble remembering things like the name of the actor from that movie…oh, you know the one! It’ll come to me.. 327 more words

Random Rants

Hold On! He Still Keeps Promises... I Promise

Hello :)

*Deep Happy Sigh*

I wanted to share with you the thoughts I had at the beginning of this year… although we are 7 months in now, I believe it’s better to share still, seeing as we have a lot more of the year to go lol well kinda. 611 more words

John Bills: Professional Idiot

The sun is beaming down on Ljubljana, I’m sat drinking black coffee out of a glass, there is a construction site down the street in front of the place I need to be and my moustache has taken over my mouth. 566 more words

Eastern Europe

Note to Self

***Originally posted 29 April 2014***

Obviously, I don’t have nearly enough chaos in my life, which is why I keep inviting more to join the party. 585 more words


The Tragedy of Errors

A day full of my stupid errors.

Wrong turns, forgotten items, an appointment missed.

Senior moments tick tocking into minutes, hours.

How many fond fools serve mad jealousy? 8 more words


Unfading - 1

This is the first post in a series, about a woman named Amara. It started as an idea for a short story, and it grew as I grew to love this fictional character. 445 more words