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forgetting to forget you

It was by chance… I saw you. I have been trying to stay as far away from you as possible, taking every precaution necessary. So when it happened… I felt this strange pinch in my heart. 201 more words

I Love Him But...

How can we forget someone? This question always haunts us, especially if those persons that we want to forget have greatly made an impact in our lives. 817 more words

Food For Thoughts

A Constant War of Remembering and Forgetting

Meeting by a chance
In one cold night
One hello and
You captured my soul
Our love found its resting place
Your heart and my heart… 205 more words


It's back

It took her over once again
Brought fire to her cheeks
Two roses refused to be extinguished
Words pressed against the tongue
A love poem sitting in the chest… 53 more words


For the past few hours, I’ve been having flashbacks of the past. It just tore me apart. I broke down. I have never felt so broken. 150 more words

Empty mind

The best ideas usually come when I am doing nothing too important, like cleaning, showering, cooking, walking around, or just chilling. I get really excited about them and write a whole chapter in my head, then I make the mistake of not writing them down, and when I can finally sit down to write, I have forgotten them all, COMPLETELY! 26 more words

Living Life To The Fullest

Farun Stories: Little Miss Mirek (Part Eleven)

This storyline runs alongside Sallith’s Failure (in progress). Claudia and Sallith meet at last. But Claudia is up against Sallith’s most terrible weapon: the unwanted truth.  543 more words