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how do i offer this skin
this skin
that you have touched
to anyone else

your name is tattooed on my body
your fingertips traced your name… 106 more words


things you remember and things you forget

my grandfather does not remember me. he does not remember my face or my name. but when I tell him I love him just before I go he says that he loves me too. 1,207 more words

Forgiving does not mean forgetting or we will continue to get hurt again and again by others, but forgetting to forgive will always end up hurting ourselves even more with a constant reminder of that pain we hold onto!!~Lucid Awareness~cjk

Putting Art Back In HEart!

Forgiving does not mean forgetting

Forgiven does not mean forgetting.forgiving, it means to excuse or pardon someone…for an offense…to resolve or renounce anger or resentment against…To absolve from payment.
To give forgiveness and not just want it for yourself. 235 more words

Putting Art Back In HEart!

I keep forgetting my plan.

I keep forgetting my plan.

I forget keeping a plan.

This blog, blog, it sound a bit like a blob, a bubble.

This blog is dedicated to some sort of poetry. 53 more words


Forgiveness Is Easy....

For some of you reading this, I suspect your initial reaction might be, “Sure it is.” (Where’s the sarcasm font when you need it?) Some people say “I’m sorry” as easily as they say “I love you,” without any meaning or emotion behind the words. 225 more words