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Gratefulness, Guardian Angels, and Us: Why We Shouldn't Forget Our Guardian Angels


Merry Saturday, everyone. Look at this picture for a moment, if you would.

What we have here is a painting of a child and his guardian angel. 625 more words

No Hablo Espanol or English


As Heather would be returning to Canada and the Hulk need to visit Dr Toyota, I was left at something of a loose end, in Oaxaca.  553 more words


How we loved our paradise

How we loved our paradise of silks and breezes,
noisy water in the distance, comestibles nearby,
libations, sleeping in whatever god’s pajamas and
sneezing their incensey perfume, how we pawed… 609 more words



How could I not remember the sound of your voice
I remember the name of your street
The way it got so icy in the winter… 53 more words


I asked Anita, my daughter if she had any Christmas memories about which I could blog. “I’ll think about it.” She promised, as she hung up the phone. 422 more words

What could I do?

Mistakes strewn across your hesitation

What could I do?

Unanswered questions, speculations

What could I do?

There you stood, asking me to listen

I love you, I think I love you, … 40 more words