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The 7 Day Gratitude Challenge - Day #1: Forgiveness

My sister has challenged me to the Facebook 7 Day Gratitude Challenge, and you dear reader of my blog will now be subject to reading over the next 7 days  what I’m most grateful for.  465 more words

Buddhist Prayer Of Forgiveness

What you must Remember in order to forget

Forgiveness begins with a choice. But that choice opens the door to other issues that arise in the process. While forgiveness is necessary to become free from the prison of resentment and bitterness, it is also necessary to examine how misunderstood expressions of forgiveness can put us right back in the prison cell we were seeking to leave. 153 more words

By Forgiving Someone Over and Over, Are You Letting Them Walk All Over You

A reader posted an interesting comment a few days ago about having an abusive spouse of which they had forgiven over and over for their bad deeds. 598 more words

FAITH - Seventy Times Seven

Forgive and Forget

No once you break my trust wall I’ll never forget. I don’t do the forgive and forget so you can just leave.

Ever trusted someone so damn much? 586 more words

Readers of FAITH Respond with "I Can Forgive, But I Can't Forget?"

The other day I was talking to a good friend of mine. She and I have another good friend we have both known since the first grade. 694 more words

FAITH - Seventy Times Seven

Welcome to The Ex Files...

When it comes to Family of Origin vs Family of Choice… I think I’ve made my preference more than clear in Confessions of an Elective Orphan…  333 more words


On let go, forgive and forget, move on

Few words are making rounds in my small little brain for past few days. Thanks to my devil mind and the reading that I have done in past few days…lots of blogs and few quotes and a book. 564 more words

Forgive And Forget