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Forgiveness in Relationships - Can you really forgive and forget?

When It Hurts So Bad….Lauryn Hill’s song “When It Hurts So Bad” (see video below) is a song that many may not heard but many can relate to. 969 more words


Things will never be the same, again. But, is that a good thing?

One of my greatest strengths and biggest flaws is my ability to shut people out. Whenever I feel hurt, I mourn then I move on. It is so easy for me to cut people out of my life that it is scary. 214 more words


When we met.......

There you were, just started a brand new position with the company. I heard about you and immediately, just hearing your name, I was intrigued. I spoke to you and knew immediately I wanted to get to know you. 503 more words


I’ve begun washing my face with tears. I have never looked better.

The salt must be doing wonders for my skin.

In time, everything will be forgotten, not forgiven, 21 more words



We apologize for how late some of the recent posts have been, and we are going to work harder to update the blog more frequently to let everyone know where we are at in the semester and in our project for the class. 8 more words


The Words I Would Say

I have a dear friend who is hurting right now. And sometimes I think, “I don’t know what to say!” How often do we think it’s just better to not say anything? 310 more words


Cover up

“The problem with making things for family is that they tend to keep it long after I’m tired of it.”  This comment made to my sister Paula about a wooden perpetual calendar I had made for my sister Anne sparked a re-do.  334 more words