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Truth Unfolded

It’s three in the morning. I know this because in the distance a train moans as it slithers through the neighborhood; that damn train is always on time. 189 more words



There is no better future without letting go of the sins of the past
Without being willing to see others not as a summation of debt unpaid… 260 more words

Hands Up Don't Shoot

“The measure of your compassion lies not in your service of those on the margins, but in your willingness to see yourself in kinship with them.” Gregory Boyle… 824 more words

Juliet's Blog

What's Possible When You Tell the Truth?

By Brenda Adelman

I never thought I’d get out from under the loneliness I was experiencing. I went from being super close to my mother and father and brother and nephew to losing my entire family in one night. 738 more words


Pause to reflect...

Hey Andi. No need to respond–we definitely have a mixed history . I just wanted to offer an apology long in the making. I’m sorry for the way I behaved when you ended your marriage.

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Man Friend

Better With You Than Without You (Matthew 16:13-20)

Matthew 16:13-20

One problem with a text like this one is that there’s so much going on in it. In just a few verses there’s all the speculation about who Jesus is, Simon Peter’s proclamation that Jesus is the Messiah, Peter’s name change to Rock, the gates of Hades not prevailing, the binding and the loosing, the “don’t tell anyone I’m the Messiah.” Too much to cover in a 90-minute sermon . 857 more words


and again as a butterfly...

she arrived not at random yet rather the once and then again 3 times thereafter with an elegance in faith invitation and timing that can only ever be as given by heaven – and what a beautifully perfect way in saying… 869 more words