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My family’s adventure into plant based eating started in the Fall of 2012. My friend Sarah told me about a documentary she wanted to watch, but was afraid to view as her friend Brittany had been telling her how it had changed her life and she wasn’t prepared for any major life changes at that moment. 1,496 more words

Engine 2

NO excuses! No Excuses! No Excuses!

What? No more fast food?

What? No more cheese covered Italian food?

What? No more coke?


As many of you know, it took several of my beloved physicians to capture my ADD mind ! 168 more words


Good Morning, I started this at 10.19pm while waiting for my takeaway – definitely a Friday night! However as you can tell I didn’t quite finish! 292 more words

Nourishing the Body and the Way Kids Think

As a continuation to the last post about nourishing the soul with a vegan diet, I was planning to post a paper I wrote for a class, called “Nourishing the Body: Is a Plant-Based Diet the Answer?” Since I originally wrote the paper for a class and not for a blog, I thought it would seem much more formal than the things I usually write here. 7,659 more words


How Becoming A Fat Free Vegan Changed My Life: Dr. Jeffery Brittin's Story

 My fight against “the Widowmaker”

Three years ago this August at the age of 63, I experienced a lack of strength while riding up a hill I had done many times. 569 more words


Day Five - Brighter Days

Today I am loving Life! Yesterday I was struggling big time but I realised that I am supposed to be loving myself and instead I was torturing myself. 298 more words


Making It Work

I’ve unintentionally continued last week’s theme of variations to not-so-old favorites with this dish of Millet and Spinach Stuffed Shells.  The plan had been to make the… 96 more words