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A Bridge Too Far

There is a bridge too far.
It crosses, brave, a watercourse;
a steel structure, strong,
unmoving though the years be long.

Too far, this bridge, to cross… 66 more words


Truth Comes ‘Round

Truth comes ‘round at nine” you said
and cleared my empty plate.
Said I, “Well, Truth is always nice,
“I’ll gladly sit and wait.”

But seated in the drawing room… 799 more words


I'm Hosting a Poetry Contest!

Thinking about sonnets got me excited about formal poetry, and I decided to go ahead and host a casual poetry contest in honor of them! It is running through WritersCafe.org, and you will have to be a WritersCafe member to enter; however, it is free and easy to make an account. 51 more words


Sonnet Sunday : Sweet Are the Days

Hey everyone! I thought it would be fun to mix things up with some formal, classical poetry. This is my attempt at a classic Renaissance Shakespearean sonnet. 288 more words


Poetically bolshie

At Mind love Miserys menagerie,  we’re given two forms as a prompt:  the Shadorma (six lines of  3/5/3/3/7/5 syllables)   or to write a poem in Trochaic metre. 90 more words


The Voice Inside Van Gogh's Head

Bearing down in black of sky
insanity, like crow, am I,
beady-eyed in murders, red;
resist me now and soon be dead,
or entertain my manic high. 207 more words


Amanita - an acrostic rondelet

Mouse umbrellas, obviously
Not for Pizza Margarita
Inside that fallen chestnut tree
Toadstools red and white you might see… 36 more words