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OctPo day 17 Pain


Pain, a poor companion
puts us on the wrong foot
powerful discouragement
punctuates each moment
pestiferous pills shape
physical faculty
philosophy goes phut.

a Pleiades poem for… 67 more words

Short Poetry

OctPoWriMo day 6 - Imperfect Tanka

Square Dance’ made by ViV Blake
Faultless hand sewn quilts
are impossible to find -
an uneven stitch
identifies the maker
as a fallible human… 15 more words

Short Poetry

A Surprise - a Nonet

image Robin’s Pincushion © Duncan Hutt

A little wasp called Diplolepsis
lays her eggs on a briar rose leaf.
Grubs emerge to feed on that, 39 more words

Short Poetry

Make Form and Repetition Work for you - "A Progression" by Martha Rhodes

Martha Rhodes opens her book, Mother Quiet, with “A Progression,” a poem in an unofficial form based on repetition and line content. Rhodes pulls off a wide array of images and emotions while using very sparse language. 984 more words


The Scrub Feller

I’d been out splitting posts in the sun’s blazing heat,
So I rested a while in the shade
Of an old vine scrub camp – used a stump for my seat, 472 more words



I hear the laughter of children
I see the sun in bright blue skies,
I wonder about this abundant life,
Why no one sees, or hear my cries. 96 more words


Breakfast in the Asylum

I wake with troubled mind
And search the floor to find
My slippers and my clothes
As in my head the woes
Continue from a dream… 73 more words