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Breakfast in the Asylum

I wake with troubled mind
And search the floor to find
My slippers and my clothes
As in my head the woes
Continue from a dream… 73 more words


The Poetry Sorting Algorithm

An over educated twit,
An algorithm he has writ
To analyze poetic Lit
And sort the good stuff from the shit.

No, this is not a silly joke; 291 more words


Each Day I Wonder

Will the tears ever stop?
They just keep flowing,
One after another
They endlessly drop.
Never ceasing
From a wellspring,
Of despair-
They just keep flowing,
Running fast, going nowhere.


My heart beat is ...


My Heart Beat is …

irregular, which causes some concern
hence came my first bionic implants,
springs… 169 more words

Life Writing


I look through cobwebs in the sky,
I see the way I wish it could be,
Like two birds soaring up high,
Over foamy waves by the sea. 207 more words


I Can't Help It

I can’t sleep, I lie here all night thinking of you.
My eyes swell with tears, like a broken faucet that constantly flows.
And it happens each night, when my thoughts turn to you.


Panegyric to Rosie

Celebrating its 3 years of existence, the dVerse Poets Pub wants us to write an ode to a favourite poet.  Odes are not really my style An ode consists of  125 more words

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