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Learning Technologies Bulletin 10: Formative Assessment

This bulletin focuses on the possible use of ICT tools to conduct formative assessments in classrooms. Formative assessments can enable learners to interact with assessment in multiple ways – through writing, drawing, speaking, listening, phyically moving, designing and carry out explorations. 490 more words

Good Practices & Innovative Ideas

Take-aways from EDU 6978

I feel like there are several things that I can take away from this class. The module video and readings this week focused on Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). 698 more words


Curriculum Design: Coursework Meta-reflection EDU6524

There are two overarching principles of the HOPE principles for the course Curriculum Design EDU 6524. The first component is O, which states a teacher should be able to offer an organized and challenging curriculum further defined to include appropriately challenging curriculum in the content area, which is aligned to outcomes and standards. 797 more words


Final Blog Post - EDU 6978

This class really taught me to value STEM education and my role in implementing STEM learning in my own classroom. Throughout this course, we discussed several facets of STEM that stood out to me most. 718 more words


STEM Education Research: EDU 6978 Course work meta-reflection

There are three compelling components of the STEM Education Research course. The first is the union between STEM and project-based learning. STEM has quickly become an educational buzzword that when improperly employed pales compared to its potential. 752 more words


EDU 6978 Introduction to STEM Education Research

Some of my biggest takeaways from this class are related to formative assessment strategies (Wiliam, 2011), and the 8 essentials of project-based learning (Larmer & Mergendoller, 2012). 468 more words

4 Tools I am Pumped to Try

Another great week with Discovery Education is over, and I was happy to share some fun math resources to the Fellows at the Siemens STEM Institute… 235 more words