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Workflow Short - pageLoad() and Dynamic Update Panels

A quick note on using DynamicUpdatePanels and body onload events.  The update panels, when updated, do not trigger the body’s onload event.  To get past this, we can use the form’s “Script” section and use the native function pageLoad() to run the actions we want to have happen. 344 more words

Symantec Workflow


Now there are things that I NEVER have doubts about, not many I do admit, but some. One of them is my sparring ability.

I spar well, not just saying that but the fact that I always come away with silver or gold tends to stand me in good stead. 172 more words

Tae Kwon Do


There’s no point in living up to a series of perfect forms when they don’t exist. Society’s idea of justice is injustice, goodness is rewarded with badness, truth supposedly exists in a world devoid of such a notion. 13 more words

Django Forms, Choices and Caching

Some of the drop down menus on my forms require a bunch of database hits. To speed things up and reduce the load on my database, I use Django’s low level caching to hold those menus. 184 more words


Nintex - Replacing a Decision Control with Save and Submit Buttons on a Flexi Task

If you’ve got a Flexi Task that has non-standard outcomes (or more than 2) and you want to replace the Decision Control with buttons that submit the form and sets an outcome, you can do so with just a little bit of configuration and JQuery. 564 more words

Software Development

Google Forms - Getting started

I consider Forms the unsung hero of Google Apps. Users tend to get stuck in the Google Docs world and may not even realize this program exists. 81 more words


Flubaroo - A tool to grade assessments

Lots of teachers are asking questions about using Flubaroo to grade assessments. It’s a great tool. Flubaroo is an add-on for Google Sheets that must be installed from the Chrome store (super easy). 208 more words