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Playing Catch Up

This afternoon as I was trying to get Louie down for a nap (an almost impossible task somedays) I was scrolling through my Keep app and I came across this… 649 more words


I am a Bad Mother: Part 4. In which I feed my baby formula.

Again, a caveat: I am Not That Kind of Doctor, so what follows
is merely a record of my personal experience with infant feeding.
Please don’t take what I write as a substitute for medical advice!
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The Internet User's Guide to Internet Users

The internet is a wonderfully faceless entity which allows all and sundry to have a voice. To impart their wisdom, knowledge and opinion. I mean just thank God for this person standing up for what they believe in. 314 more words


Postpartum Depression is a Heartless Bitch

It’s funny how life changes.  You always have a plan for yourself, but it never really ends up how you thought it would, does it?  I, for one, would have never thought that at 22 years old I’d be married, let alone a mother.   633 more words

Moozi in Mammamoiselle: Revolutionizing formula-feeding

As a busy mother myself, I’m always scouring the mommy blogs for resources, ideas and some good entertainment. It’s been so great to see Moozi popping up in so many places – we appreciate all of the support during  91 more words


Moozi in The Mommyhood Chronicles

Moozi was featured on The Mommyhood Chronicles blog! Melissa highlights some of Moozi’s best features, stating:

Multiple sensors are in place to ensure safety and proper functionality. 105 more words


The Problem with Mothers

I feel like when I got pregnant, I was automatically pushed into this club of women that are mothers or soon-to-be mothers. I wanted it, to be honest with you. 349 more words