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The Problem with Mothers

I feel like when I got pregnant, I was automatically pushed into this club of women that are mothers or soon-to-be mothers. I wanted it, to be honest with you. 349 more words


I find myself bombarded everyday with images of women breastfeeding. On social media, on the TV. Women claiming that they have the right to feed in public, that its the most wonderful thing in the world. 814 more words

Stop "mom shaming" everyone!

I’m going to TRY to keep this short, but no guarantee. I’m going to get straight to the point. I don’t give a shit if you breastfeed, formula feed, circumcise, don’t circumcise, feed solid food before 6 months or after, or anything else. 106 more words

The Dark Days

I stumbled across the The Dark Days about two months ago and GOSH I wish I had found it 11 months ago!

It is a collection of honest  accounts of those early days of motherhood. 352 more words


We All Stand Together - #ISUPPORTYOU

Now I haven’t blogged in a while (I hope you noticed) and this was just the kind of thing I needed to be part of to get off my ass to blog again.   758 more words


My Formula Formula and Gratitude Day 2

So when I gave birth I was convinced I would be the bestest breastfeeder in the world. I had read and researched breastfeeding and milk banking for months prior to giving birth and felt too certain it was going to work out fine. 1,600 more words


I support you: It's your baby. Feed them however you need to.

I am participating in the I Support You campaign (1st to 7th November) run by Mama By the Bay. This blog post is in aid of supporting all loving mothers NO MATTER HOW they feed their babies or what parenting choices they make.  1,728 more words