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Getting Through Your First Year Postpartum.

So you are going to have a baby.

A sweet, beautiful, squishy, scrumptious little bundle of….. joy?

Right? Joy. That’s what everybody says. That’s what I am expecting. 1,769 more words


The Pressure to Breastfeed

It’s no surprise to anyone in the birthing community that breastfeeding is being more heavily encouraged. More hospitals are obtaining an official “Baby Friendly Hospital” status, which means that baby will be placed skin to skin, encouraged to nurse within the first hour, room in with mom, and breastfeeding encouragement throughout the mom’s stay. 2,687 more words


Trying out a new type of bottle - the Munchkin Latch

We recently received an email letting us know that we had been chosen to be Munchkin product testers and that we would be receiving our products to test in the post shortly. 415 more words


Breastfeeding - Bottle Feeding.

First off, I really wish I would blog on here more. I’m working on it.

Second and most importantly, notice that I did not write VS there in the middle.  1,026 more words



Yesterday felt like a tough day. At a moments’ notice, thanks to a last-minute cancellation, I had to rush into the city to take the baby to a dietician. 572 more words

I wish I had been a Fearless Formula Feeder

In talking about breastfeeding, I also wanted to talk about formula feeding. Like the mythological Ancient Greek character Tiresias, who has lived as a man and a woman, I have lived as a formula feeder and an exclusively breast feeding mom. 539 more words


Cheryl's Story

This is Cheryl’s breastfeeding story. Cheryl was on a strict elimination diet and struggled to keep weight on herself. Cheryl’s baby needed collaboration with me, her Pediatrician, her Pediatric Immunologist, her Dermatologist and finally a Pediatric Gastroenterologist. 560 more words