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Why are we lying to women?

I’ve been holding my tongue now for a long time but seen as its World Breastfeeding Week (1st-7th August 2014) it seems an appropriate time to open my mouth. 1,324 more words



Yesterday we found out that our son, the Peanut, is hungry.  As in, not putting on enough weight hungry.

It’s funny what a few hundred grams between Drs can do. 546 more words

How to not get your baby to take a bottle

I considered myself an authority on most things mommy (when it comes to babies) when my oldest became a toddler. However, the more children I have, the more I feel like I have no idea what the heck I am doing. 423 more words

Corn Syrup

My partner is British and we live in the US. My in-laws paid for us to fly over to visit so they can see their grandchild, and so I had the chance to check out UK formula. 533 more words

How to formula feed your baby and travel too! Part 2/2

Disclaimer –  The material on this blog is only to be used for informational purposes only. As each individual situation is unique, you should use proper discretion, in consultation with a health care practitioner, before applying the methods, medicines, techniques or otherwise described herein. 1,628 more words

Common Health Conditions

The Myth Of Insufficient Milk

The epidemic of mothers suffering from insufficient milk is strangely one which is concentrated only in the Western world among comparatively well nourished women with access to good quality foods and supplements. 1,526 more words


A Gentle Nudge

Oh god, those early weeks. I’m not even talking in the context of PND here, I mean generally; having a newborn is bloody exhausting. I see photos on social networks of women with perfectly styled hair comfortably holding their calm day-old babies while walking (NOT waddling) serenely across their freshly mowed lawns in flawless make-up, with their John Lewis husbands beside them… I hate these women. 1,120 more words

Little T