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Where the Wild Thyme Blows

I know a bank where the wild thyme blows….

Wm. Shakespeare

No wild times in Santa Fe next month.  The Fenn gathering at the Loretto Inn and Spa has been canceled. 147 more words

Favorite Fennisms


A year ago, I set off on my first hunt for the Fenn treasure.  I’d hoped to wait until I had a complete solve, but I knew that the snows come early on the northern Rockies.  416 more words

Where Do I Begin...

Where to begin?

Where did Forrest begin when he wrote the poem?  With the first clue, or the ninth?

“I knew all along where I wanted to hide the treasure so I didn’t need a map or any information to write the poem. 132 more words

Forrest Fenn

Treasure Hunt


July 31, 2014

We get into West Yellowstone after dark. We contemplate getting an RV site before the national park. We call an RV park. 1,490 more words

The Architect

According to Forrest Fenn, the poem was written by an architect.

I saw this cool post on ‘poems that look like what they’re about’ and, of course, thought of the Thrill of the Chase treasure poem. 105 more words