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Forrest Gump & Lt. Dan Costume Tutorial

Our costume for Halloween 2014 is not one that you can find in a store. Ethan and I dressed up as Forrest Gump & Lt. Dan, honoring my favorite movie of all time. 437 more words


Sweded Film - Forrest Gump


The Sweded film project was something I was looking forward to ever since my UWE interview, it was a chance to dive in and get making something and also a chance to get to know our Media Futures project group. 340 more words

Daily Thoughts

Last-minute couple's Halloween costume idea?? We've got you covered!

A few weeks ago I asked for some ideas for what famous couple Will & I should dress up like for Halloween... without putting in too much effort or money :) While I got some GREAT suggestions (Harry Potter and the Golden Snitch will be saved for the pregnancy years), we had a definite winner. 135 more words

As Told By Ginger


From the day I returned to Connecticut after my first divorce hearing in January 1995, it seemed that everyone I knew was on a mission to fix me up with the perfect “mate.” 2,567 more words


How to Halloween in Two Days

October is my absolute most favorite month! The air turns cooler, weekends are filled with football and festive things, and I can finally break out my beautiful scarfs & boots that have been sitting in the back of my closet collecting dust, up until now. 1,546 more words

Story Of My Life

Doctor Monica, At Your Service!

Dear Dr. Monica,

Val, of QBG Tilted, asks, Why are people so stupid and can I hit them with bricks?

First of all, Missy, leave the bricks at home. 1,023 more words