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Post-Traumatic Stress: Major Armistead

The commander at Fort McHenry had been through a lot from the incredible British bombardment in September of 1814. He knew how critical it was to hold on no matter what. 475 more words

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Darkest Before the Dawn: The Bombardment of Fort McHenry

Tuesday, September 13, 1814 began with a boom! The British unleashed the full might of their bomb ships that were  positioned about two miles away from Fort McHenry. 573 more words

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Lieutenant Charles Grisdale and the Battle of New Orleans

On 12 December 1814 a British fleet was anchored off Cat Island in the Mississippi Sound. It was there to prepare for an attack on New Orleans. 925 more words


Smith's Strategy for the Battle of North Point

General Sam Smith was not going to lay back and wait for the British to reach Baltimore before he went into action. First off, the seasoned American military strategist had correctly predicted that the British would in fact insert their land forces at North Point. 496 more words

Sam Smith

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A Sunday to Remember: September 11, 1814

It was a big church day in Baltimore as the bells rang out about noon and people began to poor out of the various religious services all across the city. 598 more words

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A Meeting At Fort McHenry

Saturday, September 10, 1814 was a busy day at Fort McHenry. Major General Sam Smith, commander over all American forces in the Baltimore area, had called a meeting of his team of commanders. 402 more words

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