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The oak tree and other perils*

There were places you didn’t go. Places heavy with the possibility of guilt. Places you stared at from a distance, drilling your eyes into the forbidden spot, but up close you cast your eyes down in case you were turned to stone or worse, rejected. 440 more words


Kumbhalgarh fort - our very own china gate

Our first stop in Rajasthan was The Kumbhalgarh Fort – a place I had never heard of before. It hurts to know that a fort with its wall which is said to be 36km long running along the aravali mountains , second only to Great Wall of China and with so much of history to talk about is not known to many in their own country. 341 more words


amber fort, india

Renowned for it’s flawless combination of Hindu and Mughal architectural elements, the Amber Fort (also known as Amber Palace) is a cultural and historical icon not to be missed. 207 more words


The High Cost of Not Upgrading Old Fort Lauderdale Plumbing Systems

This type of plumbing system is no longer supported, not even by current plumbing codes. Any home or building with this old system in place must undergo a major overhaul, preferably through Fort Lauderdale plumbing experts such as Mr. 94 more words