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The Mystery Man

“Wait!”,She exclaimed,
Where are you going in such haste?
You know you not allowed to play outside the gate,
Your parents will be full of hate toward me the slave, 440 more words


"Mongongo Drupe"

Please join me in celebrating acceptance of an excerpt: “Mongongo Drupe” from my fairy tale “Once Upon a Sky-Blue Tine”  for publication in Callaloo“! 


Pale Blue Dot

My inspiration for today and any day, really, as I do further work on my emerging “Fairy Tale” is Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot”

I go to this video for perspective and meaning; essence of limited forking! 239 more words


Anticipated Books 2015

‘Tis the season for listing upcoming books for 2015 that one is excited by the prospect of reading, and I see no reason to not get in on this game! 383 more words


23/02/15 Technology in practice: Creativity in the connected classroom

When: Monday 23 February 2015 (week 8) 12.30-2.00pm
Where: Room HG09, Heslington Hall
Who: Tom Smith, IT Support Services and Sara Perry, Archaeology

This workshop offers an introduction to the principles, challenges and best practices of using a variety of Google-enabled digital media technologies in student teaching, research and public communication. 194 more words


09/02/15 Enhancing Engagement: Problem-based learning – A fairy tale?

When: Monday 9 February 2015 (week 6) 12.30-2.00pm
Where: Room HG09, Heslington Hall
Who: Jenny Gibbons, York Law School

The relative merits of a problem-based learning (PBL) model as compared with other learning and teaching methods continues to be a topic of discussion at York and in higher education more generally. 186 more words


28/01/15 Key skills in the curriculum: Help! I’m teaching research skills

When: Wednesday 28 January 2015 (week 4) 12.30-2.00pm
Where: Room HG21, Heslington Hall
Who: Zoe Handley and Lynda Dunlop, Education; Jenny Gibbons, York Law School; Ruth Mewis and Cecilia Lowe, Learning Enhancement Team, Academic Support Office…
219 more words