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The Last Mile - Day 9

The Last Mile – Day 9

Today is about courage. My mom was an intensely courageous woman. When she was a young child, her teachers recognized her brilliance, and my mom skipped not one, but two, years of elementary school. 593 more words


Burn Out vs Rust Out

One can happen in a day….

The other can take a life time.

“Back in the 1970′s Neil Young sang a song about the emerging punk ethic. 622 more words
Algorithms For Life

The Recipes of Life . .

I am trying a new recipe this morning, and I was starting to get a bit concerned about whether or not it would work. It’s one of those with yeast, which requires a period of activation and rising to do its part. 339 more words


This false energy
Lean forward taste the fresh lie
Draw your curtain please



Wednesday, 11-19-14

I unfortunately won’t be able to make it to either session today…work calls. The good news is that there shouldn’t be much on the movements that anyone needs coaching (at least not in terms of staying safe). 81 more words

For B (I Want To Hug You)

This is for B.
B, I hope you find peace and the strength to deal with everything you are going thru. I of course have my own issues, but I can’t imagine how u feel, what u deal with everyday. 68 more words

Harvest Organic Happiness

Every year I share my poem Harvest Organic Happiness for Thanksgiving.  This year I choose to make it a new post instead of re-blogging.  I hope it finds new readers and those who read it before enjoy it again.