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For what it’s worth, gay rights in the workplace has become an agenda issue at the World Economic Forum’s annual conference in Davos, Switzerland.

Apple Computer CEO, Tim Cook, made some sensation a while back last year 2014, when he became the first CEO of a Fortune 500 company to publicly identify as gay. 443 more words

2015 Technology Predictions: Empires Strike Back

When I first started talking about technology  cross-pollination in January 2014, I described it as “the biggest trend in technology.” I now see it not as a trend or a disruption but simply, the future. 1,235 more words

Collaboration that Generates Results: 5 Articles with Interesting Tips

Not so long ago, I was asked by a client to help with the rollout of a large corporate transformation program. One thing quickly became clear: producing tangible results will in large part depend on the quality of collaboration between teams and people across company divisions. 678 more words


The 23 Fortune 500 companies with all-male boards

It’s 2015, and nearly 5% of Fortune 500 companies are still run by all-male boards of directors.

That’s the finding of a recent Fortune analysis in collaboration with S&P Capital IQ on the gender composition of Fortune 500 boards. 323 more words


If I Could Do It All Over Again: A Note to College Kids Everywhere

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Written by: Brianna Gill

When you get to be my age, the advice that you hope to be giving people is very career-oriented; you know, the kind of advice that tells people what they should do to get to where you are. 1,337 more words


What It's Like to Run a Fortune 500 Company

Answer by Auren Hoffman, CEO of LiveRamp, on Quora.

Being a Fortune 500 CEO is, on the whole, not worth doing. The rewards are much greater pursuing other career goals. 662 more words

Here's How Much Money Oil Companies Have Lost Due to Falling Prices

It has been a pretty rough six-month stretch for the energy industry. Crude oil prices have fallen about 55% since the middle of last summer, resulting in some of the world’s largest energy companies losing hundreds of billions of dollars in market value. 356 more words