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Owens Corning Manufacturing Jobs

Manufacturing Jobs
Owens Corning has touched your life and the world around you in more ways than you can imagine. 2013 marked our company’s 75th anniversary of making products that play a role in thousands of ways worldwide—from composites for cars to energy-efficient insulation. 37 more words

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Does Silicon Valley Have A Diversity Problem?

Gender and Ethnic diversity. It’s been an uphill struggle to create equality in the workplace for decades. Just as we thought it was leveling out, Silicon Valley had to go an disrupt it. 633 more words


Booming Forward: Boomers explore new investment options

Many boomers who once had most of their funds in Fortune 500 companies and survived the recent recession are starting to look elsewhere.

Doug Wells, a partner at Albion Financial Group in Salt Lake City, said no matter where you choose to invest there will always be risks. 23 more words


Fortune 500 productivity gain worth $20M, 15-minutes at a time!

This infographic shows how a small act by product/project managers can result into huge productivity gain. According to one estimate, Fortune 500 companies lose $80M in unproductive/ineffective meetings. 39 more words

Project Management

Women In Executive Positions Equal Success?

It has been said that women cannot succeed in executive positions without turning up the testosterone. Reality shows have backed this train of thought. For example, The Apprentice and Shark Tank show women making shrude and even calculated negotiations for businesses to claw their way to the front. 284 more words


Which Fortune 500 Boards of Directors are Taking Cyber Security Seriously?

Directors of corporate boards are being challenged to take greater responsibility for cyber security, as well as being threatened by legal actions if they fail to do so. 979 more words