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Signed, Sealed, Not Delivered: When Art Goes Missing in a Crosstown Move

When Jill Goldstein moved from the Upper West Side to Murray Hill in 2009, there was a slew of matters that needed attending: china to be bubble-wrapped, clothing to be folded, books to be sorted into boxes, furniture to be transferred to the abyss that is a New York storage unit and, as with every move, the difficult task of managing all of this chaos. 1,729 more words

Know About Career Options of Anthropology Course at Student Room Forum

Most of the undergraduate students these days consider studying anthropology. It’s due to two basic reasons. Firstly the course is intellectually interesting so that students enthusiastically complete their anthropology course. 387 more words


Cinematic world brings books to life

By Skylar Neafus

Twilight, The Mortal Instruments, and many other titles should sound vaguely familiar to the common person. Why? Because they have been converted to movies. 378 more words


Shifting seasons bring fashion changes

By Leah Scharff

With the coming of each season, there are different emotions and styles waiting to be portrayed.  Having the benefit of living in a town where we have the opportunity to experience every season, we should take advantage of the many looks and colors that rotate throughout the year.   565 more words


Damaged technology reveals notable alternatives

By Amber Bartley

I was crushed to see a message on my beloved Nikon D3000 camera that said “Error. Press shutter and release button.” After pressing the shutter release button about 300,000 times, I figured that the shutter release button did not want to work. 391 more words


The Album that got away: Outdoor Activities by Cyberbully Mom Club

By Karli Coleman

There’s something so satisfying about sitting in an old local coffee shop, sipping on a mediocre hazelnut espresso while the moon shines through the windows while listening to a local band play their mediocre sad songs rich in folk sound. 559 more words


Sister Double Happiness - You for you | Heart and Mind |

You for you

Sometimes I think about leaving home
Just pulling up stakes and go wandering
I don’t know where I belong
I hope what I’m doing is right… 224 more words