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Full List by Percentage

Ties at bottom ordered by fewest hits, rather than the usual most.

1st “Ruth Reichl”
2nd “Gourmet Magazine”
3rd “Michael Symon”
4th “Thanksgiving Feast”
5th “fake food” 3,976 more words


Best Worsts Fullsies

Lowest ranking between Shares and Percentage.

1st “fried chicken”
2nd “maple syrup”
3rd “jello”
4th “asparagus”
5th “food blog”
6th “Twinkies”
7th “lunch box”
8th “water bottle” 3,926 more words


Traditional Overall Fullsies

1st “granola bar”
2nd “Michael Symon”
3rd “Thanksgiving Feast”
4th “Gourmet Magazine”
5th “Mario Batali”
6th “Twinkies”
7th “Pop Tart”
8th “James Beard”
9th “fake food” 3,767 more words


Ranked Percentages with Guess Numbers

1st “Gourmet Magazine” 1353
2nd “Michael Symon” 610
3rd “Thanksgiving Feast” 770
4th “fake food” 571
5th “granola bar” 221
6th “James Beard Award” 652… 3,541 more words


Alphabetical with Best Worsts

Lowest rankings between Shares and Percentage are the behind-the-scenes scores for this measure that’s been not on my radar.

1094th AAA
348th acid
190th addiction… 3,424 more words


Traditional Relativity Limited

Traditional Rank divided by Percentage Rank, lowest scores on top. Limited to guesses that rank higher in Traditionals than Percentages.

1st “orange”
2nd “food”
3rd “family” 1,283 more words


Divvyential Fullsies

(Hits Rank divided by Shares Rank)

1st “juice”
2nd “food”
3rd “feast”
4th “Twinkies”
5th “dinner”
6th “diet”
7th “maple syrup”
8th “Mario Batali”
9th “James Beard” 3,100 more words