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Vacation Demotivation

I just got back from a wonderful trip to Florida. It was so nice to relax and enjoy time with family. The beach was gorgeous and the pool was fun. 604 more words

Weight Watchers

A Walk of Success

There are things we do that do not reflect who we are but who we want to be, most of us are failing to identify who we are in every area of our lives, identity is the best description of success, you can not be successful if you have no identity. 110 more words

Forward Thinking

Days go by, Time to move on

When you feel as if you’ve become stagnate, time is not progressing forward in your favor. Days slip by with an absence of   change. Moving forward beyond your place in time for the moment may seem unfeasible if not impossible. 95 more words


The nature of Success

The circle of life becomes a statement of doing what we often do best, sometimes a single thing repeatedly done day after day, some say practice makes perfect, or I can say perfect makes practice or both. 168 more words

Forward Thinking

The speech of Peace

This is just what we can only see, this is our reaction when we have experienced, whose experience is more important? his/hers in that conflicted zone? 210 more words

Forward Thinking



“I have dreamt about it my whole life”, she said

I was still wondering at that moment how to have that machine take us exactly where we were supposed to land.  12 more words