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we are all the projection of Gods love-not a tiny little thread of energy

We are all the extesnion of God and the projection of Gods Love!
It really is that simple
Gods love and energy is how we all came to be, over and over our physical makeup is present because of Gods love and abundance. 243 more words

Back to the Future Tablet Style

During a recent trip to the Netherlands,  we had the opportunity to visit the  Netherlands Open Air Museum & Park.  It is an interesting stop.   163 more words


Personal Story. . .

I prompted my students to write about what they feel the world needs to know about them.  The following is what I received. . . . 901 more words

Mental Flossing

The pulse of Peace

Every single day this world lives in bitterness, every politician leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, today it is a painful day to all that are in the process of negotiating for peace. 201 more words

Forward Thinking

The power of Success

I have stayed in years looking for one best thing, i knew deep down in my heart that i had this very important gift that could get me to the top, it is however that no matter how much i worked hard to get this very best gift of mine i always have a set back. 115 more words

Forward Thinking

War against Peace

As we continue to mourn and the world mourning the passing away of people on flight MH17, this blog continues to get condolence messages going, our hearts and prayers are with the families of those that lost their lives on the plane. 150 more words

Forward Thinking

Our Condolences of Peace

The world mourns and we at edwinmathe.com, do grieve as well the loss of 239 passengers of MH17 that was short down in Ukraine, may i say peace is an absolute necessity and we are all in honor and support of the bravery of the passengers and all peace loving citizens of the world in this hard time. 81 more words

Forward Thinking