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Position of Success

There are times i have tried figuring out where i can be in order to archive optimum success, i have thought of this time and time again still i have found no perfect position. 130 more words

Forward Thinking

Resistance of Success

Power is identified by how much of time that one spends on practicing what they value, one says that practice makes perfect, may i applaud that in adding that consistent practice makes perfect excellency. 116 more words

Forward Thinking

There is what people want to hear, there is what people know, what people do not know is the way to achieve things that have not been archived before.

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Forward Thinking

second chances.

Human. Physical matter. Marching on. No matter the wear and tear, the breaks and bruises, we are all still here. We do not disintegrate, we do not evaporate. 94 more words

The Mentor of Success

Most of us in life are still looking for that famous person to give us a breakthrough in life, we crave so hard to meet that one person to which we have hang our hopes and dreams on. 245 more words

Forward Thinking

Figured Success

A song is played and everyone in the club/party gets on the dance floor, however not practically everyone is up on their feet to dance, a few are just in their seats and do not move. 139 more words

Forward Thinking

Striving Success

I am just too tired to do anything that is successful, there is a thought that creeps into people’s minds today, once you start thinking progress, then some none-progressive thought comes in. 140 more words

Forward Thinking