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Figured Success

A song is played and everyone in the club/party gets on the dance floor, however not practically everyone is up on their feet to dance, a few are just in their seats and do not move. 139 more words


Striving Success

I am just too tired to do anything that is successful, there is a thought that creeps into people’s minds today, once you start thinking progress, then some none-progressive thought comes in. 140 more words

Forward Thinking

A Change in Success

Routine is the game, tradition is the best way to go, a lot of us in our today’s world have become so accustomed to the way things are done and when change kicks in, we tend to grumble and mumble. 94 more words

Forward Thinking

The remedy of Success

There are a lot of us who have traveled years and years looking for simple success, we have read magazines maybe volumes of books on success but we have not yet found it. 116 more words

Forward Thinking

The strength of Success

The mind is the most powerful tool that humanity has, you can overcome/be overcome by the way you think, most of us today have thought more than they are supposed to. 174 more words

Forward Thinking

Propelling Success

There are a lot of us today that have this notion about success, they think that where they are is the worst place they could ever be. 224 more words

Forward Thinking

Validity of Success

There is a lot of people out there who think that success is just a minute thing, and success is about opportunity, may i just hit the truth on someone else’s head, success does not need opportunity. 128 more words

Forward Thinking