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Forward Thinking: Utopia and Apocalypse

This issue considers how to think about the future in a time that doubts it will occur. It addresses the question of how culture retains its capacity to imagine possible futures in the face of multiple forces that threaten its existence: climate change, global war, the extinction of species. 573 more words


The Quitting ways of Peace

There is a lot in life to give, there is a lot in life to loose, we are therefore people who are driven by beliefs and the same beliefs we have tend to make us enemies of one another. 197 more words

Forward Thinking

On Sitting and Standing (And all of that shit)

I know that some of you cunts are going to complain about these posts, and how the last two have not been as funny as my D-B-D rants, but you know what? 810 more words


She was like something inordinately beautiful and out of this world. Like I’d found an actual planet that I didn’t know had been there all along. 409 more words


The Promise of Peace

Methods of life in the war has been the story that people feel has to be told, there are ways to which life has had a great effect to human life, however no matter how much we try to construct a better life there is always something that we as humanity do not agree on. 177 more words

Forward Thinking

How a Normal Economy Works (Expanded)

I don’t think I made it clear enough. Not to be negative (there is a simple solution at the end of this), here are what central banks are the cause of (much learned from first learning the fact that the federal reserve is not part of the United States, and the United States borrows printed money from them, and from the movie the Money Masters): the federal reserve, the people who print most of the money that is used in the United States, is not part of the United States, it is a chartered bank that the United States borrows money from. 859 more words


Liability to Asset

Many times the materials left from any conversion to another product as in manufacturing, mining, and such become liabilities and leave the owners scratching their heads as to what to do with the waste. 994 more words