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Unseen Peace

A lot of times there is the best that we as humanity can offer to see what is best for us and the generations to come. 155 more words

Forward Thinking

Mandate for Peace

The world gets more and more silent on matters that really matter, in all i have lived a life that makes silence the better mode of making others wonder what i am thinking all about, this is what the world today is wondering, what is next on the agenda for peace. 122 more words

Forward Thinking


Your potential is hiding in the shadows. It is lying between your consciousness and your spirit and can only be made manifest in the spirit. This potential is not one to bring you to a new level in the world you see around you. 366 more words


Command me to be well

Inspired by Hozier -

Take me to Church 

Command me to be well

We were born sick and nurtured within the bulb of a corrupted society of which we absorbed all its bad traits, and yet we love it. 172 more words


We need to create Solid, capital created currencies

I think that there’s something more important than just love in the world, and that’s the biological necessities of life. There is a thing called ecological overshoot, and that is when an ecosystem is asked to carry more than it can bear. 352 more words

Problem Solving

Rebirth and Reflection

A lot can happen in a minute, an hour, or a day – so three years can mean something special to a person.

Many blogs come and go without really scratching the surface of the doorway to a group of people the author would like to reach. 266 more words

Mental Health

Forward Thinking: Utopia and Apocalypse

This issue considers how to think about the future in a time that doubts it will occur. It addresses the question of how culture retains its capacity to imagine possible futures in the face of multiple forces that threaten its existence: climate change, global war, the extinction of species. 573 more words