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Oct 20: Best from the blogosphere

By Sheryl Smolkin

What’s the buzz in the blogosphere this week? Here are some interesting articles that popped up in my inbox.

If you did any house or office cleaning over the Thanksgiving weekend you will be very impressed with what Cait Flanders has accomplished. 273 more words

Sheryl Smolkin

Try to run away, you’ll end up running in place.

“Nope, I am not going to eat any of those cupcakes!” What are you thinking about now? Eating a cupcake, right? When you focus on not thinking about something, you end up thinking about it. 164 more words

Avant Garde

I’ve never been ahead of the curve with anything, at least off the top of my head that feels like the case. The most I can say is that I liked the band Live before they got famous. 561 more words


The laugh aloud of peace

There are times when peace seems to be a distant far away and there are things that we as humanity have to give in order for peace to reign. 143 more words

Forward Thinking

Adaptable Peace

The world today has become an un-bearable place to live in and man have caused so much hate on man to man, we have religion being used as part of this inhumanity. 152 more words

Forward Thinking

Patience of Success

The silence makes one thinks that you are out and forgotten, let me be the one to say that patience is not what the world today have, there is a lot of us today that think that consistency is being available and talking all the time. 136 more words

Forward Thinking

A song Of Peace

Standing here there is a cry of a child i can hear from unknown lands, a child crying and saying words like why is the world this cruel, i sit and ask myself if this child is crying this loud, what about their parent? 198 more words

Forward Thinking