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Bowing Out

I think there comes a moment… A small, almost fluttering moment when you see reality unclouded by emotion. That moment you really want to hide it away and push it to the far end of your mind, yet there’s piece that’s now kind of embedded inside… The piece that whispers “it’s time to bow out… It’s time to start letting go”. 187 more words


Poem #19: Ire

Let the waves bring in
the renewal of our lives
from the depths of Ire

Ire, written on 04/22/2014


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Be Strong and Very Courageous

We bless you today in Jesus name with God’s word!

Word Of God

The Matrix is Happening now, and we are all plugged in.

Our political system today is in disarray, and the way it is going, it will all come crashing down. We have very wealthy people pumping money into the system, an electoral system that picks and chooses what votes count, and a political process that focuses mostly on the next election more so then good laws and the welfare of the country. 565 more words