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Buoni propositi - 21 Gennaio 2015

Imparare a convivere con ciò che non ti fa star bene. Imparare a capire come gestirlo, metterlo a tacere e sfruttare ciò che di positivo ti può donare. 55 more words



Molti di voi saran scettici sull’esistenza di Dio. Una volta lo ero anch’io…. Non molto tempo fa mi capitó qualcosa di talmente brutto che non appena ne parlo le parole fatican ad uscire dalla mia bocca. 467 more words

Day 10 – the man and the strenghtness... 男 Nán (Man, Uomo)

We described the word for woman and child, but we forgot another very interesting:

男 Nán – Man, Uomo

at the beginning it can look a bit hard to write but if we look through, we can see: 58 more words


Ford GT Behind-the-Scenes with Forza Motorsport 6

Follow Xbox inside the top-secret Ford GT design studio for an insider’s look at the ultimate enthusiast supercar. Join Forza Motorsport design director Dan Greenawalt and the creators of the Ford GT as they prepare for the vehicle’s public debut at the North American International Auto Show and unveil as the Forza Motorsport 6 cover car.


RESULTS! #1 Weekly Forza 5 Time Attack Competition

AANNNNNDDD here are the results from the first AutoRetreat Forza 5 Time Attack Competition!

Just a reminder; the cars were 1990s JDM Icons, upgraded to… 516 more words


Day 22 - Forza Motosports 5

Recently announced was the latest edition of the Forza Motorsports series, Forza Motorsports 6. Not long ago, a bit of an alteration to the series came out called… 625 more words


#1 Weekly Forza 5 Time Attack Competition

Ladies and gents,

This is my first attempt at recording some of the stuff I get up to on Forza 5 – figured it could be a bit of fun for other people to get involved in too. 205 more words