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Seni sebagai ilmu penyempurna hidup

“I dream my painting then I paint my dream” – Van Gogh

sering saya berpikir ; kenapa saya selalu tertarik untuk mempelajari ilmu seni tapi tidak pernah tertarik untuk menekuninya sebagai profesi ? 424 more words


Drop in the Bucket

I follow WAY too many Facebook pages.
Almost daily I see a story,
or product,
or event,
or funny comment,
or thought-provoking headline,
or cute penguin, 483 more words

Landscape Position using GDAL

Hat tip again to Seth Fitzsimmons. I’ve been looking for a good, easy to use smoothing algorithm for rasters. Preferably something so easy, I don’t even need to write a little python, and so efficient I can run it on 30GB+ datasets and have it complete before I get distracted again by the next shiny project (a few hours). 518 more words


Season of KDE 2014-15 !

Alright, I’ve been selected for the Season of KDE program[1][2]. Let me quickly tell more about the program. It’s a nice, rather fantastic opportunity for enthusiasts(KDE enthusiasts) to do a project or atleast a part of one in a duration of two months. 348 more words


"Intro to Ruby" Saturday Seminar, December 6th 2014

I’m pleased to announce that the Software Freedom School (SFS), supported in partnership by the PARSEC Group (full disclosure: my employer), has asked me to lead another full-day… 360 more words


Distro Astro 3

(Softpedia News) – Silviu Stahie:

Distro Astro 3.0 is a Linux operating system based on Ubuntu that is designed specifically for astronomers. 27 more words