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Introducing Linux Kernel

It’s been a while since I wanted to learn about Linux Kernel. This wish blossomed when I went through Shell scripting tutorials in my first year vacations. 164 more words


LibreOffice 4.3

(TDF Blog) – Italo Vignoli:

LibreOffice 4.3 offers a large number of improvements and new features, including:

- Document interoperability: support of… 251 more words


openSUSE Factory Moves to Rolling Releases

(openSUSE::News) – Gonzalez Sosa:

In the old development model of openSUSE Linux, an army of packagers would shoot new packages and updates to… 139 more words


Committing deleted files

In this post, I’ll be dealing with something really basic and is something that most people using git should be knowing about. Nevertheless, I too had been using git for a long time and it’s not every day that you have to come across committing deleted files. 279 more words


LibreOffice Saves Toulouse 1 Million

(Joinup) – Cyrille Chausson:

The French city of Toulouse saved 1 million Euros by migrating all its desktops to LibreOffice. This project was rooted in a global digital policy which positions free software as a driver of local economic development and employment. …



MIMO - A Community-Based Governance Model

(Joinup) – Cyrille Chausson:

A working group at France’s main ministries is introducing certified office applications based on free and open source software. 99 more words


Pushing to git

Check if you have git installed (type git in terminal !). If not,

sudo apt-get install git 

For those who have already installed git, check if username and email id is set for git: 241 more words