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Greens Aren't Communist - Their Far Worse Than That

Greens abhor industrial civilization and yearn to go back to a pre industrial agrarian utopia. Whereas Communists understand very well that industrialization is required to support a population of 7 billion people on planet earth. 346 more words

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The End of Oil? Oil Pricing for 2015 and the Rise of Solar Energy

I wrote this article for the Al Jarida newspaper and it was published on Saturday 24 January 2015.

It’s a further development of my previous blog on how technology is changing the way the energy market operates and how the oil price may never rise again. 1,044 more words

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“One of the advantages the fossils still have over renewables is capital.” (http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/jan/22/fossil-fuel-firms-accused-renewable-lobby-takeover-push-gas)

An apposite label for geologically embedded industry representatives embracing the erosion and ultimate extinction of their energy market share like a continent welcoming drift.

100% Renewables for Burlington, Vermont? Well, Almost!

“Burlington Electric and the Co-op are front-runners in a movement across the country, as governments and businesses seek to liberate themselves from using power produced by environmentally harmful fossil fuels.” … 516 more words

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Marita's weekly dose of good energy sense

As usual, much to consider and Marita, ever the optimist, suggests some positive things the bamster might do.

On this eve of the SOTU speech. If I had my druthers, the republicans would stay home or better yet, the Repbublican controlled congress would not invite him to give the speech–the man loves the microphone even if he comes across canned and semi literate. 1,801 more words

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Wind Energy Saved UK £579 million in Coal and Gas Costs in 2013

Installing more wind turbines could make the UK’s energy market more resilient to global fossil fuel price shocks, an independent report has concluded.

Dwindling domestic gas and coal supplies could signify the nation’s dependency of unstable imports, it adds. 411 more words