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October 1, World Vegetarian Day

When I was a child my parents didn’t eat much meat, so when we or those around us at a restaurant did we were full of questions. 362 more words


Despite 40,000 objections, “new laws will now be passed giving automatic access for gas and oil development below 300m.” (http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/sep/26/fracking-trespass-law-changes-move-forward-despite-huge-public-opposition)

“As the cleanest fossil fuel *gas provides a bridge to much greener future. 43 more words

REPOST: How to invest like a modern-day Rockefeller

While the fossil fuel industry remains a major driver (staple even) of numerous economies, some well-known investors do not see it as a sustainable economic arena to make a long-term gamble. 780 more words

Energy Density


The energy density of fissionable uranium in megajoules/kilogram is 1.7 million times that of gasoline. This one of the reasons for why we cannot choose to ignore nuclear power in our energy mix. 70 more words


Fall foliage, Great Lakes restoration, and wolves: this week in environmental news

Each week, MNA gathers news related to conservation and the environment from around the state and country. Here is a bit of what happened this week in environmental news: 341 more words

Weekly News Recap

ClimateFast goes to Ottawa Sunday, September 28

ClimateFast is a volunteer initiative which asks Members of Parliament to pledge to:  1) end fossil fuel subsidies, 2) put a price on carbon, and 3) develop a renewable energy plan for Canada.


The Good News -- 56% of New Energy Installed For First Half of 2014 Was Renewable; The Bad News -- 40% Was Natural Gas

Good news and bad news. But first, the good news…

For the first half of 2014, a total of 56% percent of newly installed electricity generation capacity within the US came from wind and solar energy sources. 707 more words

Climate Change