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Overweight Dinosaur Found Preserved In Mud Cake

Russian palaeontologists have announced the discovery of a complete fossil of an obese dinosaur in Siberian mud cake deposits.

“We theorise that the Boombahsaurus has become bogged down in the mud cake while feeding and then been covered over by a sudden storm of whipped cream” said scientist Vladimir Lysenko. 56 more words


Holiday At Home - Dino Disappointment

We left our holiday preparation really late this year so instead of frantically trying to find coastal accommodation, we decided to make the best of a quiet Johannesburg and see what the city had to offer in terms of holiday entertainment. 419 more words


5 Reasons Why Dinosaurs Are Awesome

I think everybody can agree that dinosaurs are awesome, well at least we should. But if there is any debate I have a pretty good list of reasons below that should lay any doubt to rest. 320 more words

David Robbie Roberts

Remains of oldest horned dinosaur in North America found

Paleontologists have identified a species of horned dinosaur that lived in Montana more than 100 million years ago, the oldest known ceratopsian in North America. 225 more words


Did You Know Spectronics Corporation Used To Sell Dinosaur Bones?

Did you know that Spectronics Corporation used to sell dinosaur bones and other prehistoric fossils? In 1963, we started selling fluorescent rocks, minerals, gems, and fossils. 34 more words

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The Sixth Extinction

There is irrefutable scientific evidence of five global mass extinctions in the history of this planet independent of a flood, loose morals, or a mythical, Puck like god flitting through the bushes playing tricks on the gullible humans to make it seem like the earth has been around  long enough to be overdue at the cosmic library. 572 more words