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Dinosaur Discoveries Rock Evolution - Scientific Evidence for Creation

(by Bruce Malone, used with permission)
Only seven Tyrannosaurus Rex specimens have been found that are more than 50% complete. Because these fossils are assumed to be over 60 million years old, evolution believers have historically failed to look for unfossilized material within the bones. 582 more words


Who is Anthro in the Works?

Anthropology in the Works is a student organization at Boston University. Anthro in the Works is dedicated to broadening students’ eyes to what anthropology is and what they can truly succeed through it, both socially and in their academic or career goals. 68 more words

Aztec Museum and Pioneer Village

The Aztec Museum and Pioneer Village was established in 1974 to preserve stories from Aztec, a town founded in 1887, and the surrounding area. The main museum once served as the Aztec City Hall and Fire Station. 269 more words

Local History

Guest Blogger: Trip to UI Paleontology Collection

Coralee has been busy since {home}school began (post-Labor Day) working on her project for the Homeschool Assistance Program’s Science & Social Studies Fair at the end of October.   918 more words



A fossil of the Permian age
all your family gone
still you stand
a silent guardian.

Survivor of the frost
the great tree holocaust
remembering Pangaea… 71 more words


Abigail Allwood, geoscientist and NASA principal investigator

Australian geoscientist Dr. Abigail Allwood has challenged what we know about the beginning of life of Earth, and is currently leading the way in the search for life on Mars. 421 more words


Fossil of ancient multicellular life sets evolutionary timeline back 60 million years

Geobiologists shed new light on multicellular fossils from a time 60 million years before a vast growth spurt of life known as the Cambrian Explosion occurred on Earth. 357 more words