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The Great Oxygen Crisis

For most of the time that life has existed on Earth, it was in a very primitive form – and limited in diversity. (Prokaryotes replicate by binary fission, so there isn’t a tonne of opportunity for genetic diversity within a species.) At some point, scientists hypothesise, some bacteria engulfed some other bacteria, giving rise to eukaryotes and eventually multi-cellular organisms (remember that “eukaryote” and “multi-cellular organism” are not synonymous!). 790 more words


"Them Bones" Held Back Comic

The only thing more irritating to a living dinosaur than this is the theme song to “Land of the Lost.”


Where does the road lead?

Known for it’s history and archaeology, it’s pebble stone floors, small local markets and open air bars and restaurants there’s no other place than Jbeil, Lebanon. 47 more words


Only Believers Will Get Into Heaven

Hi there, Christians! You know how Jesus preached the Old Testament 2000 years ago? Some of you believe that to get into Heaven you have to not only believe in God, but also believe in Jesus, correct? 741 more words


Eucalyptus fossils in New Zealand - the thin end of the wedge

Eucalyptus (aka ‘gum-tree’) is the quintessential Australian tree. There are about 700 species of them today (depending on who you ask), all of them restricted to Australia, except for a couple that are in New Guinea. 1,005 more words

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