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Good and Bad of Foster Care

I read an article recently that you can find here.  This article talks about the foster care corruption and what it does to our children. 393 more words

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Volunteer! Volunteer! Volunteer!

CASA is a nationwide organization dedicated to serving children that are in state custody.  CASA started in 1977 in Seattle, Washington when a juvenile judge was concerned about drastic and impractical decisions being made on the behalf of kids in his court. 116 more words

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Old Habits Die Hard

Ivy’s adoption is rapidly approaching. We’re talking single digits. < squee!!! >

The last few weeks I’ve caught myself falling into old habits as the date approaches. 403 more words


Guest Blog Post- Appalachian Children's Emergency Shelter


ACES is the acronym for Appalachian Children’s Emergency Shelter. It is a non-profit organization set up to serve the children of North Georgia who are placed in foster care and do not have an immediate place to go as well house children longer term. 275 more words

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Recommended Reading...


“Adopting a Foster Child.” Parents Magazine. Np. nd. Web. 06 Nov. 2014. As foster care becomes more necessary in states, it is important to distinguish your goals in fostering. 519 more words

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What is ReMoved?

ReMoved is a short film following the emotional journey of a nine-year old girl who is taken from her abusive birth home and placed in the tumultuous foster care system. 376 more words

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The other day I was at the mall with the little kids and Sarge. I was getting one of the kids out of the car when a woman came up to me with the tell-tale characteristics that let me know she was about to ask me for money. 547 more words

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