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How Do You Convince Your Child They Are A Victim?

When my son brought home him friend in the hopes that we would foster/adopt her she made it real clear she was used to being independent. 576 more words


Meet the Mama: Martina


Tell us a little about yourself.

“Hey, I’m Martina. My husband is Jason. I’m a graphic designer for a magazine publishing company and he’s a professional guitarist who tours, records and writes music. 809 more words

Foster Care

The Roller Coaster Ride has Begun: Updates from Foster Parent Land

“Once you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen.”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Seven days have passed since I climbed the steps of another Foster mother’s home, accepted the entire belongings of a 3 and-a-half-year-old boy in a laundry bag and walked out the door with another woman’s son.   823 more words

Overcoming Challenges

Movie recommendation: Boxtrolls

I have a new favorite movie: Boxtrolls! It has everything – cute characters, awesome scenery, witty dialogue, good music, good lessons that aren’t preachy, and a happy ending. 292 more words

Ranting About Rectangles

A Crazy Plan That Actually Worked

So how many of you have ever had one of those days were everything is so freaking nuts you thought “Oh well what the hell, nothing else worked lets try this….” and then tried something you usually would not even consider? 835 more words


Christmas Lights

He had been in our home less than half an hour when our new little foster son began to request for us to turn lights on.   1,374 more words


Foster Parenting is Harder than Regular Parenting

When we give birth to our children we are handed this beautiful newborn child who is completely untouched by life. They are so fragile, innocent, and unmolded by life. 899 more words