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So We Are Keeping Her Right??

I have decided that I have officially lost my mind. We have officially started the process to be approved to foster my son’s friend. She is a 14 year old girl with a truck load of baggage. 235 more words


The big storm

Well one of my Facebook friends posted “the storm is here” and about 20 minutes later it was at my house. The thunder cracked so loud I must have jumped a good foot and the kids came in screaming from the porch. 350 more words


How To Love a Child

Ever since I discovered Sark (author), I have been inspired by her.  I wanted to share this poster as it’s a fantastic reminder of the little thing we so often forget.   46 more words

Foster Care

Good Deeds Go Punished

Just found collections on my credit report for a 2011 visit to the ER with my foster son when he busted his head. I listed myself as the responsible person, as I was his medical conservator. 140 more words

Crystal stemware and sleepovers

Blitzen had a sleepover the other evening – went off without a hitch.  We told the girls that they could watch tv and we went to bed. 78 more words


Light at the end of the (certification) tunnel...

I have finished three separate 2 hour interviews during the certification process and tomorrow we should finish the questions and also complete the safety audit.  I BELIEVE this is the last step before certification…this process has been arduous.   200 more words

Foster Care

The new dresser

Blitzen’s old bed had drawers underneath, handy.  But the new fancy canopy bed does not. I do wish I could post the videos that Blitzen has made of herself giving, I don’t know – tours?? 264 more words