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Blitzen's love of stories

Last night, after about 30 minutes of bedtime reading, I concluded a chapter and said, ‘That is it for tonight. I’ll read more tomorrow.’ To which Blitzen replied in all seriousness, ‘You’re refusing to read to me?!?’ Keep in mind that the 30 to 40 minutes of reading that she and I do each night are followed by 15 or more minutes of Andrew and Blitzen story telling in her room as part of the tuck in ritual.  228 more words


Weekend Funny I have to share

Ok so this weekend in upstate NY was beautiful. I let the kids play outside while I watched as my house is near a major road. 143 more words


Blitzen meltdown

I won’t go into the details but in the middle of it all, Blitzen yelled at me, ‘I suppose you are going to tell the FBI on me.’  Now, it was bad but it wasn’t that bad.


Much waiting still no answers

Almost a week and a half ago a service provider meeting was held to get the parents on the same sheet as DSS and their rehab house. 459 more words


Happy Birthday Little Bit

Today is Little Bit’s birthday and she turned 2. She awoke to the scene above and yes that is her birthday shirt

She loved her cake too but could not understand why it was not breakfast food. 111 more words


Andrew has been at court for 2 hours and 47 minutes and counting

And no parents, no kids lawyers yet. So I glad that I am not there.  I sent him the following email:

Is there an algebraic formula that we can use to figure out what time we are actually supposed to come like 9:00am / x (y+1) = z – 30/ n2… 9 more words


Life Is Crazy, But I Shall Return Next Week!

Life is crazy!  But who’s isn’t, right?  Have I mentioned that Kevin DeYoung’s book “Crazy Busy” is the next book I plan to purchase?!? 217 more words