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I smashed my finger and I didn't even curse!

Take that super moms around the world! I smashed my finger in the sliding glass door and didn’t drop the F bomb or any other obscenities. 110 more words

I don't like waiting!

We have turned in EVERYTHING. Husband and I even went to Arizona’s Children’s Association, our licensure place, to drop off some stuff in hopes of seeing our caseworker yesterday, but no. 379 more words


My appointment with the RE is on Wednesday and I am both excited and very nervous about it. In my head, I am thinking of all of the possible things that he could say including, “it won’t work.”  I am the type of person that always mentally prepares for the worst when it comes to major life stressors.   718 more words

Long Gone Days...

Without getting to personal; I had to take a hiatus. Things have been busy and to be honest, I have been angry. I have decided to let it go, a la Disney’s Frozen, and move forward. 74 more words

BULLETS. Random information.

  • Both Husband and I got our TB tests today, we get them ‘read’ on Friday.
  • Our physicals are scheduled for Monday.
  • We have officially put in our profile that we are accepting children from ages 0-10.
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Adoption subsidies in Arizona



I have been reading about subsidies and how they work, it seems a lot of the information is black or white. How come no one wants to talk about this? 464 more words

3rd Rep and 3 Weeks

Last week we had our first meeting with Licensing Rep #3. She works with the agency that we are switching to given the fact that our first agency was far from supportive throughout the licensing process. 764 more words