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The Ache in My Soul.....

The ache in my soul tonight just won’t go away.  Today, in court, our precious baby’s biological dad, relinquished his rights.  It was one of the most heartbreaking things I’ve ever witnessed, and I was stunned!   795 more words


Our Baby is Gone

Grayson turned 2 today. He is officially a toddler, not a baby!

Where has this time gone?

Grayson came home at 14 days weighing 5 lbs. 237 more words

Our Adventures

Mt. Metaphor

Two weeks ago I quite literally climbed a mountain. The bruises under my big toenails and my still-swollen patellar tendons remind me each day how very real that mountain was. 1,800 more words

One small step forward

Things have been stacked against me lately. It feels like I have been knocked down and kicked again and again, but finally we have some small movement in the right direction. 149 more words



This morning I asked my mother to confirm that she was coming to visit with my sister at the end of August.  She demurred, stating that if I was going to pay for her ticket then she preferred that I pay for something else that she wanted.   369 more words

African American Adoption

Over my head

On Saturday, after experiencing all those emotions about finding Nana’s family on Facebook, we went back to life as usual.  We were planning to go to the circus after Nana woke up from her nap.   560 more words

African American Adoption