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Overwhelmed by the foster/adopt process

We’re really rolling on the foster-to-adopt license process. All we have left is a drug test and a home study. We’re hoping to get the drug testing completed this weekend and the home study scheduled for some time in October. 235 more words

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Who am I and how did we get here?

So I have been inspired to do more with my blog by Adoptive Black Mom and Complicated Melodie.  It has been wonderful reading their blogs and listening to their podcast.  716 more words


Trying to Live My Life While Waiting

We were approved to foster/adopt about a week ago, now we  are waiting again; waiting for the call.  Waiting has been a very large part of my life for the past 7+ years; I haven’t always been good at it.  147 more words


Join Us Live: Add Water and Stir - Episode 7 This Thursday

AWAS 007: Time Outs, Switches & Modern Parenting

“Ohhhhh man!  Back in the day, my mom whooped me with an extension cord!”

If you’ve ever hung out on “Black” social media, surely you’ve come across such a #ThrowBackThursday kind of post.  177 more words

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What I Won't Miss

As we draw near to finalizing our adoption, I’m thinking of all the things that I won’t miss about the foster care system:

  • Written monthly reports: Each month we (read: I) detail her learning milestones, how she is getting along with us, at school, doctor’s appointments and their advice, and any issues.
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African American Adoption

The Question I'm Beginning to Hate

Everyone knows…my family was created by the beauty of Adoption. My husband has two biological children, and then we fostered-to-adopt 4 boys. We adopted 2 separate sibling groups. 481 more words


The Privilege of Being Mommy

I used to take the concept of motherhood for granted. Like it was something that was owed to me. Like the moment I decided I wanted to be a mommy my husband and I would just pull the trigger and bam! 2,208 more words

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