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National Adoption Day

Adoption…private, international, or through foster care…is beautiful!

Adoption is the answer of love in a world gone wrong…
Maybe it is forever for the child abandoned or unwanted. 970 more words

Our Adventures

The new "when will you have a baby?"

“When will you hear from the agency?” is the new “when will you have a baby?”

Since coming out of the foster/adoption closet to my friends, family and work I am asked this question constantly in many forms. 104 more words

Foster Care

It has been a while

Sorry for not posting an update in so long. This whole being a foster parent and being a full time nursing student has taken a toll on things:). 619 more words

Birth Control

I have been thinking about birth control more and more. After 5 miscarriages and working our way though the foster/adopt process, I am not ready to be pregnant any time soon (if ever again). 469 more words


Q & A

There are so many questions that are asked when people realize that my husband and I are foster parents. There also is the occasional uneducated misconception. 2,082 more words


Foster envy

Is foster envy a thing? It is.

It’s just like the evil eye you give the accidentally-pregnant 22 year old girl in the office. It’s the same damn thing. 109 more words


The Call

The Call. Capital “T” capital “C”. I feel like we have been officially initiated into the world of foster care. Two and a half years after our first conversation about adopting from foster care we received our first Call. 1,595 more words