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Which Kind of Creative Are You?

There’s two kinds of creatives in this world: habit keepers and flow chasers.

Habit keepers develop habits that let them get their work done methodically, like writing 1,000 words every day. 279 more words

Fostering Creativity

Are Children Born With "Active Learning" Ability?

In their book Child Development and Education, educational psychologists Teresa M. Mcdevitt and Jeanne Ellis Ormrod (2010) argue that an infant’s brain ensures its “survival” and learns about its surroundings at birth (p.152). 526 more words


Imitate Creativity!?

How art classes are delivered may determine whether students learn to be more creative or not. Marvin Bartel, who has taught art in several colleges since 1960s, argues that teaching through imitation will hinder students’ development in critical thinking and creativity. 454 more words


Art = Creativity?

In Creative and Mental Growth, art educators Viktor Lowenfeld and Lambert Brittain (1970) state that art is not necessarily equal to creativity and school art programs are “not automatically creative in nature.” (p. 319 more words


A perfect designer casteth out all fear

Confidence as a designer is crucial, but confidence’s ugly step-sisters – arrogance and elitism – are damning qualities at best.  Interestingly, fertile creative brains require a mentality that shares their root value; self-love. 139 more words


True Creativity

Let’s talk about the current misconception of creativity.

Ignorantly, some assume that creativity, or ideas, are stumbled upon by the professedly artistic. That a creative idea is a mystical event that happens only to people who foster an inherent artistic genius, and that the doors of creation are shut to all those who do not belong to that sacred genetic priesthood. 268 more words