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Stop everything.

Just for a minute.

Take a pause and think about your now.

Your breathing. How your body feels. The emotions. The possibilities. 108 more words

Fostering Creativity

What Crafting With Kids Really Looks Like

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you probably saw me post this picture on Monday. Miss G was out of school and she wanted a HUGE piece of paper to draw the “whole galaxy” on. 499 more words

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Fierce Excerpts: Creativity depends on a conceptual shift in thinking.

Now reading | Fostering creativity. A model for developing a culture of collective creativity in science.


This article on fostering creativity is truly fascinating. It was hard for me to know which paragraphs and quotes to highlight as the entire article had my rapt attention. 554 more words

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My Epiphany

In the wee hours of Thanksgiving morning I had an epiphany. It wasn’t a new thought. It was so obvious and had been in my head for a while. 786 more words

Ideas are Disposable

Forget about tracking every idea carefully in a thought journal. Your ideas are disposable. (Tweet this.)

So are mine. And I habitually treat them that way. 326 more words

Fostering Creativity