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Is there an app for this?

I want to start off by saying I am sorry to my parents for how I acted when I was a baby and toddler because I now understand. 482 more words


Consider Fostering! A wonderful, rewarding thing to do.....

More dogs could be helped and saved if there were more foster homes.

Please consider fostering for SDRO or another rescue group!


Foster Friday

I haven’t posted about my adorable fosters, the Kittens of Mass Destruction, in a few weeks.  Here’s an update.

Adopted:  Helga.  She went first, as soon as she was done her spay. 208 more words

Adopt Cats Catonsville

First Momma Visit

Last week my first momma came to visit and we had a great time! This was only our third meeting (unless you count the few in high school during our first attempt at a relationship, before my mom broke us up). 220 more words


The NT Draught Hunt

Really, you’d think finding some NT Draught on tap in the Northern Territory would be pretty damned easy. But, after spending six days travelling long distances across the territory seeing the sights – and keeping an eye out for some NT Draught – I can tell you it’s way harder than you’d think. 526 more words

Beer Review

"Good people drink good beer… Shitty ones drink Fosters" Hunter S Thompson

When Steve Coogan presented the Fosters Edinburgh Comedy Awards last year he remarked “It’s been a long time since I won one of these awards. Back in 1992 they were sponsored by an evil, colourless, tasteless, fizzy liquid…” He glanced at the Fosters logo and mused: “Although maybe things haven’t changed that much?” 367 more words


Beers I Used to Drink - Day Three

As hard as it might be to believe, in the early 1990s there was a beer with the word ‘‘Foster’s’’ on the label that sold pretty well here in Australia. 303 more words