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모든 광기에는 언제나 지상권(더할 나위 없이 으뜸가는 권리)의 주장 같은 것이 있습니다. 몇몇 사례에서 그 지상권은 망상의 내부에서 이른바 위대함이라는 관념의 형태로 표현됩니다. 뒤프레씨의 경우 자신만이 남성이며 다른 이들은 모두 여성이라는 것을 일종의 지상권 망상의 내부 자체에 설정하면서 믿고 있습니다. 망상에 빠져 있음으로 인해 자신의 지상권을 망상 속에서 행사하는 것, 이것이 모든 광기의 특징입니다.

1973-4, 푸코 강의록


Leslie Lohman, the Frick Art Library, Art Guards at the Met + a taste of ArtCards.cc events lists

  I mentioned an opening at the Leslie Lohman gay art museum tonight. I spaced the fact that it’s an invitation only event sponsored by the board for potential donors. 495 more words

Extending the Carceral System: Ferguson and Foucault

All too often the ideological operations of our day-to-day life function with a degree of concealment. In moments of crisis however ideology and certain discursive operations become easier to spot yet often paradoxically harder to analyse as the crisis itself discourages critical examination in favor of solutions or immediate action as critical thinking becomes a luxury that cannot be allowed in the midst of emergency (a phenomena ably pointed out by Slavoj Zizek) 695 more words

Political Theory


So it looks like my knee injury might have gotten the better of my training program after all.

I was finally referred to a physio after almost two weeks of sitting around and waiting for my knee to feel better. 1,104 more words


Ep.7 - Foucault and Peck on Neoliberalism; Neoliberalism, Race and Securitization in Ferguson, Missouri

Join your faithful podcast hosts B and John as they welcome special guest-host Erika Iverson and delve into neoliberalism. We discuss chapter 9 – on American neoliberalism – from… 299 more words


Revenge and the Finality of Law

Since I was some 16 years old, one of my favourite novels has been Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo. However, this post isn’t a review about what makes… 972 more words