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Drones series, Part V. The biopolitics of drone warfare

By Daniel Møller Ølgaard:

The current debate on armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, focuses mostly on legal implications and moral implications of their use. 1,345 more words

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Predavanje "Michel Foucault: antifilozof ali cestni bojevnik?"

Posnetek predavanja v okviru seminarja ‘Foucault: epistemologija-telo’, ki poteka v Moderni galeriji:

 Eva D. Bahovec: “Michel Foucault: antifilozof ali cestni bojevnik?”

Michel Foucault je danes, trideset let po njegovi smrti, bolj aktualen kot kdajkoli. 169 more words


O corpo utópico. Texto inédito de Michel Foucault

Nesta conferência de Michel Foucault – que acaba de ser publicada em espanhol – o corpo é, em primeiro lugar, “o contrário de uma utopia”, lugar “absoluto”, “desapiedado”, com o qual a utopia da alma se confronta. 2,929 more words

Death by Foucault

Yes, I am enjoying the irony of my title today. I do feel that as the author of my thesis, it is slowly killing me (Roland Barthes would just love that). 396 more words


Politics in Times of Anxiety

Coming up in June this year is the Politics in Times of Anxiety Conference at the University of Manchester. I’ll be speaking there on ‘Sovereign Anxiety: Bush, Blair and the Baroque’. 172 more words

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Foucauldian analysis and the mystification of elites

In a recent review of The Reflexive Imperative*, Jonathon Joseph describes subjects “being encouraged to become active citizens and consumers who must make the right life choices based on acquiring the appropriate skills and information, making informed choices about risk activities, taking responsibility for their welfare and well-being and drawing on the appropriate resources (and social capital) from their communities and networks”. 1,082 more words

Behave for Facebook’s sake

The very first time I read Michel Foucault’s work was in my first year of University, I did not pay too much attention to it at the time but over the years I realized just how much Foucault was central to our current state of affairs in the modern world.  533 more words