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Pine’s book on The Experience Economy
brings up many good points. One of the
biggest that I took away is creating a
theme of the experience for the consumer. 266 more words


Imagining a different future : CONCEPT Winter Issue on-line

As ever a warm welcome to the latest edition 

The Journal of Contemporary Community Education Practice Theory. The Concept Journal offers a lively independent forum for critical debate and exchange of ideas in contemporary Community Education. 140 more words

Politics And Current Affairs

Notes on Schelling and the Partition of the Sensible.

Rancière describes the Political as that which inheres in the difference of the social body from itself, or really of the thoroughgoing contingency of the social order which can only result from the imposition of such a difference; this state of absolute contingency, which due to the fissiparous nature thereof is also a state of exception, is what Rancière calls Democracy. 2,470 more words


La case de l'usager

C’est la crise! C’est la crise…
On fait quoi? On fait quelque chose, pour changer un peu?
On fait quelque chose, pour changer les choses? Ou on fait rien? 1,618 more words


Lecture: Étienne Balibar, “Foucault and Marx: A Disjunctive Synthesis?”

Neoliberalism + Biopolitics Working Group | Foucault and Marx: A Disjunctive Synthesis?

Etienne Balibar, Chair of Contemporary European Philosophy, Kingston University London, Visiting Professor, Columbia University…

280 more words


Culler Book Review


Structuralist Poetics by Jonathan Culler. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1975.

The very word, “structuralism,” conjures up the sort of problems that trouble structuralists in the fields of language and literature still today. 843 more words


Bringing the State Back in (Yet Again): Reviews, Revisions, Rejections, and Redirections

 This on-line version is the pre-copyedited, preprint version. The published version can be found here: 

‘Bringing the state back in (yet again): reviews, revisions, rejections, and redirections’, … 13,530 more words