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En var sin egen fångvaktare

Den engelske 1700-talsfilosofen Jeremy Benthams ”Panoptikon” var en design för ett nytt slags fängelse, en rund byggnad med ett kontrolltorn i mitten varifrån de olika cellerna hela tiden kan övervakas. 510 more words


For Gramsci, as for Foucault, power also involves knowledge, representation, ideas, cultural leadership and authority, as well as economic constraint and physical coercion.  Both would have agreed that power cannot be captured by thinking exclusively in terms of force or coercion: power also seduces, solicits, induces, wins consent. 

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The Reification of Theory Assemblage

W/b 11 August

More adventures in the art of trying to develop a theoretical framework for my research this week.  I keep getting the sneaky suspicion that it’s all going to come back to a form of Marxism and Foucault…but I want to be certain in my own mind that I: 647 more words

PhD Year 2

Thoughts on yesterday's lecture

I’m nervous that there was some confusion after the lecture yesterday and I wanted to clarify a few thoughts that I had.

If you are a bit confused and feel like things are ambiguous at this point then that is okay. 510 more words


Edward Said's Diary: On encounters with Sartre, de Beauvoir and Foucault.

I recently stumbled upon Edward Said‘s diary from his journey to France in 1979 and his encounters with Sartre, de Beauvoir and Foucault. The full diary can be found on… 1,406 more words

Art Of Resistance

Amelia Meman in GIFs

Tasked with writing a short bio for the Women’s Center page, I decided to describe myself in GIFs.

In the Women’s Center:

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