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Featured Score: "Chomsky Vs. Foucault"

Chomsky Vs. Foucault

Graphic score, 8.5” by 11” ink on paper. 2007.


This work, like all my others, is a graphic score: a musical composition utilizing non-standard notation (an original combination of text, symbols, and numbers). 235 more words

From knowledgeable to knowledge-able

Just watched Michael Wesch’s Ted x talk and I thought It was really interesting that he says Media are not just tools they shape what can be said, who can say it, who can hear it and how it can be said.   164 more words

Stuart Elden: Foucault's Last Decade - Update 19: a nearly complete first draft

Stuart is off to the airport to fly to Melbourne with a printed draft of his next book Foucault’s Last Decade. Looking forward to this one! 21 more words


A little theory

My girlfriend and I were lucky enough to have weekly tea with Maxine Greene over the course of the last two semesters. From conversations with Maxine about art and philosophy and through reading some of her writings, my understanding of my own philosophical work has changed, broadening my conception of what counts as philosophy. 163 more words


the ecological a priori?

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Adam Robbert bringing the Foucault and Deleuze eco-style: 

For Foucault, then, the nonhuman impresses itself onto anthropic space through the production of laws and regulations, the production of material infrastructures that manipulate human behavior and perception, and the enforcement of practices that condition human beings. 388 more words


On Language Against Itself.

Yet, despite the recourse to express metaphysics and cliches of ‘common experience,’ Saussure probably still has some quantity of force to lend to the grammatological effort; the Saussurean thesis of valuation, hitherto having gone addressed by Derrida, is neither purely vestigial nor made entirely useless by the larger metaphysics with which Saussure comports himself. 3,833 more words