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Politics in Times of Anxiety

Coming up in June this year is the Politics in Times of Anxiety Conference at the University of Manchester. I’ll be speaking there on ‘Sovereign Anxiety: Bush, Blair and the Baroque’. 172 more words

Public Appearances

Foucauldian analysis and the mystification of elites

In a recent review of The Reflexive Imperative*, Jonathon Joseph describes subjects “being encouraged to become active citizens and consumers who must make the right life choices based on acquiring the appropriate skills and information, making informed choices about risk activities, taking responsibility for their welfare and well-being and drawing on the appropriate resources (and social capital) from their communities and networks”. 1,082 more words

Behave for Facebook’s sake

The very first time I read Michel Foucault’s work was in my first year of University, I did not pay too much attention to it at the time but over the years I realized just how much Foucault was central to our current state of affairs in the modern world.  533 more words


Flaubert and Barnes: Foucauldian Symbolism and Barthesian Reconciliation

Gustave Flaubert’s short story ‘A Simple Heart’, written following the request of his close friend George Sand was published in 1877. It was first published in serial form in the February, followed by its inclusion in the April publication of… 2,264 more words


barthes, foucault & derrida

It is with a slight reluctance to declare that philosophical theories, advanced in the name of post-structuralism, postmodernism, deconstruction, etc., are past their prime. However, one will readily admit that philosophy has a perennial applicability, that is, if one follows Louis Althusser’s radical claim that philosophy has no history.[1] In other words, there is always room to explore philosophy outside of an historical paradigm that privileges chronology, e.g. 1,697 more words

Just Down the Street From Foucault's Paris Apartment...


on Rue De Vaugirard is where I spent most of my Paris trip three weeks ago. While I was there I didn’t know at all that it was the same street and only about 4000 feet away. 139 more words

Soñé con el tío Lucas

Hoy soñé que en una clase del siguiente semestre un profesor revivía a Foucault y lo llevaba al salón para que debatiera con su adjunto que estaba haciendo su su tesis sobre él. 107 more words