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Eating Out in Lagos

So, a few days ago, I got a call from my best male friend, asking that we should hang out together on Saturday 19th as we hadn’t seen one another in a while. 841 more words

The Right People, The Right Progress

The pace is picking up at the Oasis Farmery as our days in the Summer Institute Foundry Program slowly check themselves off the calendar. Andrew and I are starting to gear up for our final cohort presentation on July 30 at the Cedar Tree Café, and the process of doing so is reaffirming the significant roles all the Foundry mentors and fellow entrepreneurs are playing in our development. 258 more words


Longing for Resurrection

Here is a poem I did during Lent for The Foundry, a church in Baltimore City. 


Intel (and IBM): the ‘I’s Have (or Had) It

It has been quite some time since we’ve discussed semiconductor manufacturing, and an article over the weekend in the NY Times prompted me to action.  “IBM Wants to Invent the Chips of the Future, Not Make Them” proclaimed the headline, followed by fair amount of what I will technically categorize as ‘pabulum’. 1,055 more words


Growth at the Farmery

After seven days without power, the aquaponics system turned on Friday evening without requiring the portable generator. This hurricane was quite the stress test for the system, but all of the fish survived and the plants are much happier now with a reliable source of water and nutrients. 291 more words


mini metal lathe project

When I was trying to make my 3d printer, I kept trying to drill the hotend bolts out, and kept running into trouble getting it drilled straight through. 209 more words


Century-old Millinocket foundry to replace penstocks for 2 Brookfield dams

Century-old Millinocket foundry to replace penstocks for 2 Brookfield dams
Although both companies declined to comment on the cost of the work or the number of people employed by the project, their joint statement makes mention of Millinocket Fabrication hiring extra welders and using newly acquired space within Millinocket … 59 more words