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Moving Forward

The foundry piece I have been documenting throughout this blog is just about ready for patina but as I am finishing it up (I will post pictures soon) I have several more projects to start. 269 more words


Foundry for the Masses

I see a gap in 3D art education from the k-12 level all the way to the college level and in to the community education realm. 608 more words


Failure and success

Sometimes the learning process can be painful. This is especially true when learning foundry. After spending many hours in creating a wax pattern, spruing it , investing, and burning out, it can be a huge let down when things don’t turn out as you had hoped. 253 more words


More Foundry Days - Practical Joking at the Foundry in Hamilton, Ohio

Mentioned in my first Foundry Days story (read me) as our sales were declining during the 80’s and we were finding ourselves with lots of free time, we all were finding ways to tease each other and entertain ourselves.  1,648 more words


My new foundry furnace progress

Since my little furnace burned up and died, I decided to go back and start working on my original one that I planned on from the start, but never actually got past basic welding and such on the thing. 601 more words


Canterbury amateur brewers

I finally went to one of those meetings yesterday at the Bottleshop and resolved my issue with Julia as she is unique. They have lots of nice beers that they brew themselves. 509 more words