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Oily Skin = forever youthful

Those of us, who think that we are “cursed” with oily skin, should reconsider that thought. Yes, I know that oily skin is a hassle most of the time. 454 more words


Melatonin helps with sleeping, libido, anti-aging, cancer prevention and helps prevent cataracts, in case you didn't know

Now you can’t ask what the top 5 reasons are people take melatonin nightly. Let’s talk about longevity here, which is living and thriving, and being happy and healthy. 1,024 more words


Okay, Okay...too cryptic by half and a mistake

Okay, Constance…I wrote a poem yesterday called Elegeía Paidikí̱ i̱likía.

I figured you all would just copy the title and go to Google translate and find out what the title meant?   257 more words