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P.W. Akkerman #24 Zuiderpark Blauw-Groen Fountain Pen Ink Review

Every buy ink just for the bottle?  I can now say that I have. P.W. Akkerman’s bottle is both beautiful and highly functional. The small reservoir at the top of the bottle is narrow and deep allowing even large nibs to utilize a near empty bottle.   254 more words

Fountain Pen

Shifting Gears

This entry was going to be rather different that it has turned out, which proves that leaving things lie before going of on a rant is a good idea. 410 more words


Team Wahlnut: The Wahl-Eversharp Skyline Technik Fountain Pen

As I mentioned in my quick summary of the DC Pen Show, Fred’s not a pen user, but he IS a talker. He’ll pretty much talk to anybody about anything. 818 more words

Fountain Pen

We now return to your regularly scheduled program, for a day

I finally got a writing day today. I earned it by staying up late last night doing my critiques for tomorrow’s meeting.

I wasn’t overly productive and started my day washing the copper fountain pen I use at the paycheck job. 512 more words


WHAT: First draft of a different Cat with Blue Fur contest entry, which I was going to call “Touch Not the Cat” but I don’t want the… 92 more words


WHAT: Mostly first draft of a different Cat with Blue Fur contest entry, with many glances at the last paragraph of “Gone to See the Cat” which just isn’t  40 more words


WHAT: Third draft of the Cat with Blue Fur contest entry,which now labours under the title “Gone to See the Cat”.  Second draft banged out and vetted by readers over the weekend, because DEADLINE!! 85 more words