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Red Carpet Premiere

This is quite afield from my usual line– this Tuesday upcoming I’m going to be attending the sort of event described above.  I do this through my wife’s involvement the film trailered below: 124 more words


Pelikan M600 Fountain Pen Review

In 1988 Pelikan introduced the M600, a M400 sized pen with the upgraded trim of the larger M800.  The M600 was sold with a monotone 18kt gold nib for it’s first year only, switching to a bi-tone 14kt gold nib in 1989. 768 more words

Pen Review

So You Think You Want A Fountain Pen ...

And why not? Fountain pens are Teh Awesome. You go through life thinking these are okay writing utensils:

And really think you’re moving up in pen circles when you start using only Pilot G2s – which, admittedly, are the superior pen of choice for most offices. 802 more words

Pen & Paper Love

Fun with paper samples from Rhodia Drive

Recently, Rhodia Drive gave me the opportunity to play with papers by Clairefontaine and G. Lalo, two French stationers whose papers are imported by Exaclair, Inc. 1,206 more words


Man, that’s quite a word, eh?  Classy, but absolutely dripping with menace.

…well, I guess it would be dripping, if it hadn’t all run out.  Still a wonderful word. 655 more words


Family Reunion

Lexie sent her pen over so I can hand it to Pentangeli for a nib regrind. Seemed like a good time for a family photo.

Fountain Pen

Mont Blanc 149 Review

There are some pens that are Iconic. They have a prestige that is known and acknowleged by even those who have not even tried the pen. 488 more words

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