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It's alive! Wherein I bring life to a dead fountain pen

Sunday I mentioned I wanted to fix my vintage Esterbrook fountain pen. It needed a new bladder sac. The old one had essentially disintegrated.

When I first found the pen at my mother’s house, I had tried to use it, but it wouldn’t suck up ink. 453 more words

Fountain Pens

Kicking it old school

I’ve been mentally gearing up for yet another attempt at participating in and (hopefully) completing The 3-Day Novel Contest at the end of August.

I need to change things up. 386 more words

3-Day Novel Contest

Feeding the babies

I am of the firm belief that every pen has a restriction of inks to which it can be filled. There is, of course, no overbearing government bureau to enforce this (Which is actually a surprise in itself), but it is a truth nonetheless. 272 more words


Before my pen has gleened my teeming brain

Back in April 2011, I picked up my first fountain pen. I’ve been using it ever since as my primary fiction writing tool. Well, I recently noticed it was getting a little worn. 583 more words


Poem: World of a frustrated writer

World of a frustrated writer by Brin Raizulli Isaac

Welcome to the world of broken fountain pens
and skies not made of blue blankets.
Where women would write about men, 72 more words


An Unexpected Discovery: the Parker 45 Flighter (I think)

Slight warning: Bit of an unstructured read today.

I don’t know exactly where I got this pen. I think it came from my mum; she must’ve given me a pencil case and said, “you can have this and everything in it.” It might’ve even come from my grandfather/her father. 858 more words