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Now: Reaching out one last time

Two thousand five hundred and ninety-two miles. That’s the distance between the house my mother lived in with us when I was small, and the house she lives in now. 663 more words


Do you surround yourself with the right People?

No Negatrons Allowed !!!
Also known as… “Energy Vampires”

By Barry Gottlieb

Author, Speaker, Trusted Advisor


Who or what is a “Negatron“? They are everywhere. 377 more words

Empower Others

Then and Now of Memoir

Memoirs should contain an underlying conflict, something the main character is struggling with throughout the book. And if I am doing my writerly job, you the reader will recognize the conflict, be taken in at its peak, and ride the wave of resolution with me. 111 more words


Don't take anything personally. Day 7 of 30 Days of Happiness

Don’t take anything personally

It’s so easy to get sucked-up into the moment, insults hurling, tempers blazing – doesn’t matter if it’s the result of someone cutting you off in traffic, taking your parking spot, cutting in front of you in line… the actions of others are not a personal attack against you. 411 more words


Why do bullies bully?

This year as part of Lake Braddock’s Bullying Prevention program, teachers will be facilitating meaningful discussions in their classrooms throughout the school year through 6 structured anti-bullying lesson plans. 564 more words

Prayer for Freedom

I’m such a fan of his work…heard this part on my way to work, had to share…

Prayer for Freedom

Today, Creator of the Universe, we ask that you come to us and share with us a strong communion of love.

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