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Soulful Sunday// The Second Agreement

I have read, The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz, twice and trying my best to live my life by its principles. The four principles are, 40 more words


Your Choice

There is really no reason to suffer. The only reason you suffer is because you choose to suffer. If you look at your life you will find many excuses to suffer, but a good reason to suffer you will not find. 35 more words


Dream Masters

The belief system that was put inside your mind is based on lies. That is why it is important for you to master your own dream; that is why the Toltecs became dream masters. 60 more words


A Noble Code: The Four Agreements


Humans, just like computers, all operate from the programming we receive from the moment of our birth.  This is the Code that is written on our minds and hearts by whatever training and life experience we have growing up.  315 more words

Cosmic Spirituality

Be Impeccable...

…With Your Word

I’ve already lauded the benefits of reading “The Four Agreements” but find myself needing to remind myself of these. Authoring this post ought to help me reiterate the various agreements, and begin making them habits.  265 more words


No One Can Make You Feel

I’m always hesitant to use quotations. The use of quotation marks indicates that the words in between them are a verbatim retelling of what someone said (at least that’s one use). 1,214 more words


The Four Agreements

I want to treat people the way I treat animals. Animals have always instinctively brought out in me feelings of love, comfort and trust. I connect immediately and feel at ease with animals. 634 more words