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4-Year-Old Banned From Donut Shop For Asking Woman If She's Pregnant (VIDEO)

We ALL say some stupid stuff we regret. The difference between us and when a four-year-old does it, is they don’t KNOW any better! Cuz they’re F-O-U-R… 176 more words


10 tips to get your child ready for school

It’s almost August and that means just one month until my son starts junior kindergarten! Excited and a little cautious I have been reading a few articles about how I can get him ready, and I have turned them into a quick and easy list for my fellow moms and dads in the same position… 404 more words


Knock Knock Jokes with a Four-Year-Old

I recently taught my four-year-old about knock knock jokes. As an introduction, I made up a crappy joke that only he would think was funny: 362 more words

Activity Overload?!

For someone who is only four, B has a pretty busy wee life.  As well as two full days in nursery (from 9am til 5pm), she also has a ballet class, a gymnastics class and a drama class.  1,257 more words


Four-Ever Memories of Three

To my soon-to-be four year old:

How can you be four? Wasn’t it yesterday that you were just four seconds old and I saw your chubby face for the first time? 1,337 more words


Norah Stories

We were having dinner with my in-laws and extended family, when my four year old daughter waltzes in singing “Let it Go, Let it go… Let it go!!” Instinctually, I start bobbing my shoulders and shoot her a silly smile. 398 more words


The Turtle: Episode II

Much to all of our skepticism (honest to God disbelief), Turtle lived (clung to life) to see the Fourth of July. Shepard has been the perfect ( 916 more words