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A Week of Imaggling: Or 5 days of trying to get a four-year-old out of the door

In parenting, as in many things, there are good weeks and bad weeks. Most of the good weeks occur when at least 33% of the week is spent with someone else in charge, but I’m going to assume that’s not my fault, and is only because it makes Mummy seem a lot nicer in comparison… 1,166 more words


Beige-ing a Birthday

Last weekend was Lala’s fourth birthday. And since my stepmom is a teacher on the east coast and Lala’s birthday coincides with Rosh Hashanah (a day I was completely clueless about until college since I grew up in a town with like one Jewish family), she and my dad flew back and the weekend ended up being a full-fledged extended family affair. 797 more words


Dear 4 Year Old Me

It’s been awhile since I last did one of these which was a letter to my 12 year old self. So here we go.

~ 286 more words


Triceratops 1

The week of dinosaurs in anticipation of my son’s birthday continues. Here we have a stuffed animal triceratops. I hope you like it.

Y’all have fun,


Throwback MONDAY: How we first met!

Before the school year even began, some of our Beetles met for the first time at a special meet-and-greet hang-out in the sunny summer sun. Tori Lowther (Penny’s mom) took a bunch of pictures and shared them via the listserv a few weeks ago, but I thought I would repost on here in case any one missed out on these great snapshots. 25 more words

Don't Offer Me A Lollipop When I Clearly Need A Tranquilizer

Well…it’s Sunday. And what do we do on Sundays? Can I get a high five for football and grocery shopping??!! And by football and grocery shopping, I don’t mean that we are tossing the pigskin down the aisles, I mean that OB is watching football and the girls and I are trying to make it out of the grocery store alive. 1,758 more words


4 and A Quarter

My precious Sunshine Princess, 3 months you’ve been 4 now, the Theatrical Threes a distant memory.

At 4 you seem so big. So grown. In so many ways it feels like your childhood is slipping away from me, as your need for my help, and input gradually lessens. 857 more words