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Foursquare and QR code readers: Apps from a time gone by

This week, I downloaded Foursquare and the QR code reader, Quickmark. I was kind of excited to finally download these apps because I kind of missed the parade with these apps. 311 more words

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QR codes and Location-Based Services (LBS): Adding necessary weight to your engagement strategy

I am a neophyte when it comes to location based services.  I have never signed up for any of these services as part of my own personal social media use, and the organization I work for does not have a presence in these location-based spaces.   700 more words

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Experimenting with LBS: Surprisingly, not a Load of BS

Primarily, I use four social media networks: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. This week was my first foray into Location Based Social Media. While on Facebook I commonly see updates of friends “checking in” to locations on FourSquare, I had never felt inclined to try this particular LBS application before this week. 589 more words

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Facebook presentó un nuevo servicio llamado Place Tips

Facebook sigue creciendo, ya que presentó un nuevo servicio llamado Place Tips. Se trata de una herramienta similar a Fourscuare que brinda información sobre los lugares de interés. 207 more words


The future of Foursquare: Geo-targeting

When Foursquare appeared on the scene back in 2009, proximity-based social networking became all the rage. Foursquare allowed users to share their location with friends by “checking in” to their particular location. 645 more words


Is 2015 the year Foursquare finally fits in?

By Jeff Krever

By making itself different, Foursquare was only trying to fit in.

A drastic rebrand in 2014 helped the popular location based service rediscover its early success, … 723 more words