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America’s founders were not thinking about computers when they wrote the Bill of Rights

by Daniel Zwerdling

Science-fiction writers have fantasized for years about the government monitoring everything we do. For example, there’s a classic scene in the 2002 movie  306 more words

United States v. Drivdahl, 014 WL 896734 (D.Mont.), March 2014

 * Distinguishes United States v. Keith, 2013 WL 5918524 (D.Mass. Nov. 5, 2013)

Facts: Defendant was charged with receipt and distribution of CP. The basis for these charges originated with a CyberTipline Report made to NCMEC in February 2013 via an employee at Google. 923 more words


Should Law Enforcement Officers be Allowed to Conduct a Warrantless Search of the Contents of a Cell Phone Seized Incident to the Lawful Arrest of a Criminal Suspect?

POSTED BY Caroline Carollo

Although we are living in the age of technology, there are still many unanswered questions as to how certain forms of technology fit within the legal world. 893 more words


Smelling Pot From A Moving Car With Closed Windows.

Smelling Pot From A Moving Car With Closed Windows, By CrimProf BlogEditor, CrimProf Blog


FourthAmendment.com links to this piece at the Washington Post, discussing the ease with which police can stop cars that they suspect might be carrying drugs.

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Google and Facebook: Placating both sides of the fence with NSA and the Fourth Amendment

Apparently my praise for Google for encrypting its emails was in error. My fault for taking a corporation’s word at face value. I’m not supposed to be this naive at this point in life.