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Heien and Certificates of Reasonable Cause

Near the start of its new term, the Supreme Court will hear argument in Heien v. North Carolina, which poses the question whether a police officer violated the Fourth Amendment when he performed a traffic stop based on a mistake of law. 1,117 more words

Fourth Amendment

Supreme Court Preview for Cities

Even though the Supreme Court’s next term won’t officially begin until October 6, the Court has already accepted about 40 of the 70 or so cases it will decide in the upcoming months. 413 more words


Is the Fourth Amendment a Dead Letter?

By Ryan S. Walters

“A man’s house is his castle; and whilst he is quiet, he is as well guarded as a prince in his castle.   1,294 more words


Roosters, Chickens, and the Damn Anti-Federalists

Hamilton was right. The Bill of Rights was a terrible idea. Most parents grasp this fairly quickly. “Stay in the yard.” is unambiguous. “Stay in the yard, and I especially better not see you in the Johnson’s yard.” is an invitation to wander. 547 more words

Snowden: NSA working on 'MonsterMind' cyberwar bot

Edward Snowden has described to Wired the final straw that broke the camel’s back and turned him into a whistleblower: an NSA project called MonsterMind that would give the agency control of all internet traffic entering the US, the ability to detect and block attacks in progress, and potentially, some day, the power to autonomously launch retaliatory strikes without human intervention. 566 more words


Eric Holder is deeply concerned about military vehicles being used in Ferguson

 To this point I have not covered the story about the riots in Ferguson after a police officer shot an unarmed teenager but now I am about to wade into this. 516 more words



The “Gestapo” or the “Stasi” never had anything THIS good.

I wonder if peeing on them works to stop them?  Oh, wait – that’s for jellyfish stings!

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