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Pulp Science 1 - Five Dimensions

I’m starting a new column on this blog.  This one is about science!

I’m not settled on the name yet.  “Pulp Science” is in there as a placeholder right now because I haven’t thought of anything better. 1,491 more words



To whoever finds this message

This box and its contents was constructed with matter borrowed from its immediate surroundings. No life was squandered, though it is clear (or at least it will become so) that in moving the necessary particles we, its sculptors, have altered the future in a manner we have considered fair. 1,232 more words


Time and Forever don't exist

Was time invented or something we discovered?
Time is a dimension in the way that a dimension is something that can add infinite possibilities to other dimensions.  432 more words

Making sense of a four dimensional tree

 Yesterday I introduced you to hyper genetic fractals but even as I hit the “publish” button, I knew that the images were not convincing. So after a pow-wow with John of… 554 more words

Pretence Of Science


Defined by some as the fourth dimension
and by others an artificial construct to give humanity order,
and still by others simply as ‘that which a clock measures’. 395 more words

Psychological Musings

The Shape of Things That Came

This is my last post in this series, for now, before I move on to other things.  In my previous post, I hinted at the basic gist of this series and today I will wrap it up: 223 more words