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An Essay Concerning Space, Details, and a New Dimension of Storytelling

Imagine yourself if you will a space, a cube. If necessary retreat to the cigarette ash bordered pages of your high school geometry text-book. There will be a cube with line segments borders, some dotted, some solid. 1,225 more words

Chakra removal - why and how to do it

I remember how excited I was when I learned from various sources that soon we will acquire new, or reactivate the existing, but long ago atrophied, extra chakras to have a total of 12 (not counting the chakras in the back), we will be cosmic citizens! 1,053 more words


Fourth Dimensional Thinking

It’s not as hard as it sounds. It doesn’t require the aid of psychedelics. The idea of fourth dimensional thinking came up after a sit with my good friend Andrew. 391 more words

Four Views of a Tesseract, Rotating in Hyperspace

These tesseract views are all of the perspective projection-type, with the first one, above, being done in cell-first fashion.

The next one is projected edge-first, and, like those that follow, can be enlarged with a click. 62 more words


The Fairy Faith

“Come away, O human child!
To the waters and the wild
With a faery, hand in hand,
For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.”

~W.B. Yeats

Tina Bonneau

The Icositetrachoron, or 24-Cell: An Oddball In Hyperspace

In three dimensions, there are five regular, convex polyhedra. Similarly, in five dimensions, there are five regular, convex polytopes. There are also five of them in six, seven, eight dimensions . 158 more words


The Hyperspace Analog of the Cube/Octahedron Compound

The cube and the octahedron are dual to each other, and can be combined to make this well-known compound (below; can be enlarged with a click). 61 more words