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Dubious Mixtures: God and Science

For over 100 years now, there have been attempts to mix science with religion, inspite of its wide differences. The hybrid resulting from this is called metaphysics or mind science cults. 797 more words


Getting through the Fourth Dimension by Alice

Dear Ones,

In this video: What is ascension? The fourth dimension, land of emotions and dreams. Getting in touch with emotions. Habit of negative emotions. Mastery of emotions. 163 more words


"Mr. Nobody" -My Thoughts and Non-thoughts

Okay, so my really amazing friend (who also wanted to watch me spiral into madness) suggested I watch “Mr. Nobody”. Here’s a link to the trailer (which is more than I had to go off of)  587 more words


Grappling with shadows in the fourth dimension

Notestoponder asked a simple question: “can someone explain the 4th dimension”. The responses she got were disappointing. Standard high school explanations such as “time is the fourth dimension”, or “imagine color or transparency” as a fourth dimension. 1,660 more words

Pretence Of Science

Pulp Science 1 - Five Dimensions

I’m starting a new column on this blog.  This one is about science!

I’m not settled on the name yet.  “Pulp Science” is in there as a placeholder right now because I haven’t thought of anything better. 1,491 more words



To whoever finds this message

This box and its contents was constructed with matter borrowed from its immediate surroundings. No life was squandered, though it is clear (or at least it will become so) that in moving the necessary particles we, its sculptors, have altered the future in a manner we have considered fair. 1,232 more words


Time and Forever don't exist

Was time invented or something we discovered?
Time is a dimension in the way that a dimension is something that can add infinite possibilities to other dimensions.  432 more words