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Concept of Time..!

नापने लगता हु जब मे वक़्त को तो शुरुआत होती है रात और नए दिन से,

या यांत्रिकी घडी और आणवीक घडी के बीच का जो अंतर है, 21 more words

On my Bookshelf - The Strange Life of Ivan Osokin (1915) - PD Ouspenski (1878-1947)

Ivan Osokin is a man in his middle twenties; he is feckless, undisciplined and broke. He’s had many chances to make good in life, but has squandered them all; he’s even let the love of his life ride off into the sunset without him and now receives news of her engagement to some boring old stiff-ass who’s plainly not worthy of her. 1,228 more words


Eye Candy For Your Blast Off!

This was on my last blog, but thought it deserved a spot on this blog too! (actually it was suggested to me, and I thought it was a good idea!) There are some fantastic visuals in here for when you spark up (or IV) some DMT. 35 more words


Dudley Wright and “The Fourth Dimension”

Dudley Wright (1868–1949) was a prolific author and editor who wrote on an eclectic range of subjects. He was – to use his own phrase – a “truth-seeker” on a spiritual journey. 418 more words

Dudley Wright


Dear Ones,

Here’s a video about voodoo, cause and effect, synchronicity, the fourth and fifth dimensions, darkness and light, duality, clearing the aura, our body of light, unity consciousness, universal friendliness, and the concept that all is one. 34 more words


The Fourth Dimension

I’m reading Madeleine L’engle’s A Wrinkle in Time for class (English Literature for Young Readers, and just got to the part where a character describes the fifth dimension (it’s a fantasy/sci-fi hybrid). 84 more words

Nature & Science

Multiverse Navigation

A friend of mine recently told me that she loves the thought that somewhere in the multiverse there is another her recycling, biking everywhere, eating healthy food, and so on. 116 more words