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I’ve got two copies of Laura Bates’ new book, Everyday Sexism to give away.

Everyday Sexism started out as a website that invited women to share experiences of sexism in their daily lives. 182 more words


What is Desi Feminism?

If the word ‘feminism’ conjures up images of angry women burning their bras think again. If you think feminism has nothing to do with you- regardless of whether you are a woman or a man, think again. 646 more words

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Who are you? An Annotated Bibliography

Who are you

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I put this little slide show of images together. Boy! It took a hell of a lot longer than I expected  - LOTS of images.   2,941 more words

Female Entrepreneurs and the Fourth Wave of Feminism

Having grown up with a very strong female role model in my mother I knew that women were equal to men in ability and skill.  Seeing my mom succeed in her career and participate in the local women’s groups I was perhaps a little sheltered in my understanding of the outside world’s view of women.  314 more words